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" you want to rent a movie " Sam said " sure what one " I asked Sam started saying the movies that were on the screen. "well there's Bambi , happy feet , the noteboo- "I cut him off "notebook ,notebook I want the notebook." I said happy getting on my knees on the couch to beg. "ok gosh , that movie is boring " he said " wait, you've watched it " I said

" I didn't say that " he said sliding a bit away as i started sliding over to him . " you totally watched it " I said " no I didn't " he said " yeah you did" I said I grabbed a pillow and started hitting him with it ." hey stop" he said as he tried to block it but he couldn't so he tackled Me . He was now pining me down onto the couch he pined my arms above my head he was sitting on my waist, something was happening here but I didn't want any thing to happen.
" umm.. Can you get off of me" I said " yeah" he said getting off of me.

He was off of me now ." tag" I said said tapping his arm " oh now where playing tag " he yelled as I ran away up the stairs. I ran into the the bathroom and turned on the sink then he came in and I splashed him with water .

" what the hell," he said laughing he grabbed some water him self and splashed me.

Now we were having a water fight, water was everywhere , on the ground ,in the bathtub , on the walls. We were laughing like crazy , "ahhh , don't thats burning hot" he ran and ran to the other side of the bathroom, now they were running all around the bathroom.

I slipped and fell onto the ground,

I was having a laugh attack Sam ran over it me to make sure I was ok " oh my god that looked like that hurt" he said " it did" I said holding my arm. " what is going on in here!!" said the maid angrily.

She looked at me and saw I was hurt " oh dear are you ok " she said " yeah I'm fine " I said "you, young man you will get her and yourself cleaned up and I we'll clear this up " she said .

I was sitting on the kitchen counter as Sam was putting the ice on my arm . " are you done" the maid said to Sam " yeah " he said "come on let's go get some dry clothes on " Sam said helping me down .

We walked Into the Laundry room " here you can wear my sisters clothes they look like they well fit you " he gave me a pair of jeans and a black long sleeved shirt with a v-neck .

He left and got changed in the room next door , I had trouble getting the shirt on
because Of my arm . " are you sure you don't need help " he asked from outside the door " no I'm - ow ok maybe I do " I said

Sam open the door it was awkward standing there with out a shirt on " arms up" he said and I did as I was told he put the shirt on. We walked out of the room we saw the maid. " um what should I call you" I asked her " my name is Angela, are you kids hungry " " yeah " Sam and I said at the same time we looked at each other and started laughing.

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