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Hi. I have a name you just don't know it. I would like to tell you all a story of how I changed as a person.

When I was 12 I started to self harm I would cut my thighs and sometimes arms. It didn't really get too bad until I turned 13. In December I cut almost everyday and I would try to stop but it never worked. Until I found a boy we'll call this boy James(not his real name) well I really liked James but I never told anyone and I liked him since 3rd grade. One day I decided to sit beside him at lunch. James is a prep which means of course 3 prep girls have to sit with him. One used to be my best friend but I'll save that for a different story. When I sat next to him one of the girls said I wasn't supposed to sit there. I really didn't care until James laughed and agreed and told me to move so the much prettier Karson (not her real name) could sit there. So I did and I felt like I just got rejected by the world. I loved this boy but he would never feel the same. He has no idea I've ever liked him and I'm afraid to tell him because I will be compared to Karson. I still continue to self harm to this day and I've only told 2 people. I hope no one has to go through anything worse than that but I know they do. Life is tough but I'll keep fighting.


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