Chapter 11

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•Lola's Pov

I woke up the next morning for school. I got up got dressed and got my hair done. I went downstairs for breakfast and of course Taner was all ready for school. "Hey Hun!" He said giving me a hug. "Hey I have a question!" I said. "What's up?" He asked. "Can I get my hair dyed please?" I asked. "Yeah I guess!" Taner replied. "Thanks T!" I said. "You ready to go?" Taner asked. "Yeah let's go!" I said walking out the door.

We got to the school and Taner parked but wouldn't let me out. "Stay with me till class is bout to start okay?" Taner said. "Of course!" I replied. We walked into the school and to my locker I got all my stuff ready for class and someone tapped my shoulder.

I turned around and it was jarred. "What do you want jarred?" I asked. "I'm sorry Lola, will you please forgive me?" Jarred said. "Jarred I think you should go..." I whispered. "I'm sorry!" Jarred said once again. 'Jarred she said to go..." Taner confirmed. "I'll see you in class... Bye" jarred whispered walking away.

"Taner you didn't have to do that..." I whispered. "Lola, I'm not letting him hurt you again!" Taner confirmed. "Thanks T!" I said giving him a hug.

We walked to my first hour and he made sure I was safe as possible! "Be careful! I'll see you after class!" Taner said giving me a hug then walking out of the class so he isn't late.

"Awe does Lola's big brother have to take care of her?" A sassy snot said walking into the classroom. "Leave her alone!" Jessica said. "Awe, guess the little diva queen can't talk for herself!" Danielle sassed. "Danielle, sit down and leave her alone!" The teacher said walking into the class.


We got into the car and Taner didn't even start the car! "Taner... Why aren't you moving the car?" I laughed. "Umm... I have to tell you something.." Taner whispered. "What...?" I questioned. "Aunt Lindsey died.... She's had cancer for awhile.... She passed away earlier today..." Taner whispered.

No this can't happen... Why didn't she tell me? "What...? No! Taner... That can't happen!" I whispered. "I know.... But the thing is, mom and dad can't come here, so I have to take care of you James and Abby! Lola... I'm sorry! I know how much you loved her!" Taner said tearing up. "Take me home!" I whispered.


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