Initiation, Day 1

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August 1, 2134

I'm in the Erudite compound, and today I begin initiation. I sleep in a room with other Erudite-Born initiates.

My wardrobe doesn't change. Still blue clothing everyday.

I get out of bed, and go over to the mirror. I still have glasses, though I'd like to have contacts. I brush my blond hair, and gather it in a ponytail. I grab my clothes and go to get dressed.

Once dressed, I go to the dining hall. I look for a place to sit, and find a seat between 2 Erudite-Born initiates. "Hi, I'm Claire. What's your name?" The girl next to me says once I sit down. "Jeanine Matthews." I say. "I like that name!" Claire says. I grin and say,"Thanks. You're from Erudite, right?" She replies,"Yes I am."

I smile. I found a friend.

After breakfast, I walk with Claire to the Gathering room. We sit down with the other initiates. Our instructor, David Wellington, began talking about how initiation will work. I already knew, and I think every other Erudite-Born initiate did too. Finally, he sent us off to begin initiation.

First part of initiation was learning about a topic and taking a difficult test on it. Honestly, it wasn't that hard, for me, anyways. I saw many people, including Claire, were struggling. I guess I was lucky to be as intelligent as I was.

Later, after initiation training

Claire and I were sitting in the Dining Hall, eating dinner. "Jeanine, I'm scared, the test seems really hard." Claire said. "I know you'll do fine." I said. She grinned.

After dinner, I went back to my dormitory. Well, it wasn't just mine. I shared with a lot of other people. I changed into my pajamas in the bathroom and pulled out a book. Soon enough, I figured I would go to bed, since the others seemed to be asleep. I got into bed and turned off the light. I fell asleep, thinking about where and what Andrew was doing right now.

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