Chapter Five

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*Luke's POV*

"No one said it had to end Lilli." I said. I stepped closer to her, her face now being inches away from mine. "Just say no if you want me to stop." I said leaning in and before I knew it, my lips were on hers.

They were soft and delicate. Just as I had always imagined them to be. I pulled away immediately though, knowing what I did was wrong. She looked at me with a disappointed face and then looked down at the ground.

"You promised that you wouldn't try anything on me tonight. You broke your promise and lied to me again." she said, hurt clearly in voice. I couldn't believe that I fucked up once again with her.

"Lilli, I am so so so sorry. I didn't mean to kiss you. I just got caught up in the moment. You're so beautiful and I couldn't help myself. I know you think I'm a pig and you're disgusted by me but I promise that I didn't mean to kiss you." I said. I just repeated myself and I knew she wasn't taking that for an apology. I fucked up and I had to pay for the consequences.

"Luke, just leave. You've showed me that we can't be friends. Don't call or text me because I won't answer or reply. You really proved me wrong because I believed that you actually were the person that I got to hangout with today but it was just an act. Goodbye Luke." she said. I sighed as she reached in her bag and pulled out the keys to her apartment.

I couldn't let her go like this but she was too stubborn to listen to me. I would have to find a way to prove to her that I am the person she hung out with. I had to get her to talk to me again because without her, there's a huge gaping hole in my heart. I was a mess in London and I would be a mess here in Sydney. I needed Lilli.

I began to walk down the hall in the hopes that my kiss made her remember me and all we've been through as best friends. Memories that'll never leave my memory, like the time we first met. Her family and her moved in next door to me and I had to say hello to the brunette pigtailed four year old in the pretty pink dress but soon her dad got lung cancer and once he died, her family moved to their apartment because her mum couldn't afford the house. The time she had to have her tonsils removed and I was with her the entire time at the hospital because she's afraid of them, her only memory of them being her dad dying of cancer, or when I serenaded her with "Somewhere in Neverland" by All Time Low replacing Wendy with Lilli outside of Bri's bedroom window in a suit the night of our sophomore dance because Tommy Parker stood her up. The smile on her face, her brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight. That was the night I realized that I liked her as more than a best friend. I had so many memories with her that she'll never remember all because I decided to go to London instead of staying with her like I should've. Her words echoed in my mind "I needed him". She needed me and I wasn't there, another broken promise. I promised her that I'd always be there for her after her dad died back when she was six and I was seven and I broke it when I went to London.

I made it back to GOODGOD. The boys were still here and there was no live music, only the shitty music they normally play from the collection of CD's the place has. Ashton and Mike came up to me while Cal was talking to a girl.

"Hey! I can't believe how beautiful Lilli is now. I'm so happy that she's hanging out with us again!" Michael said. I let out a sigh.

"She isn't hanging out with us again Mikey." I said. I didn't want to have to tell them this. They missed Lilli just as much as I did and I ruined it.

"What? Why not? She said tonight that she would hang out with us more if we were okay with it and we said it was fine." Ashton said. I didn't want to tell them this at all. I hate admitting my mistakes.

"That was before I fucked everything up. I promised her that I wouldn't try anything on her and I got caught up in the moment and kissed her. You guys don't understand though, she looked so perfect in the shitty light outside her apartment door. Her light chestnut brown eyes were shining and when she smiled at me, I swear it was like time stopped. I had to kiss her and I did. She told me to leave and to never talk to her again because I proved to her that we couldn't be friends." I said. They just looked at me with sympathetic looks on their faces.

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