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Isabella's POV:

I sat doodling on my notebook while waiting for the rest of the class to sit down.

"Everyone! Please sit!" Mr Decker came into the class carrying more notebooks. Everyone sat at their desired desk and I looked around me. Autumn sat 3 desks to the left and Xenia sat at the front. "Okay, so I know today is Friday-"

"Woohoo!!" Everyone looked back to see Ashton (Joshua's friend) standing up.

"Sit down Mr Wills." Mr Decker looked at Ashton and he slowly sat back down. "As I was saying, today you will be getting an assignment. You are to write about anything you want. School appropriate of course. You have the choice to read it aloud on Monday or hand it in and I will read it to myself. It must be a minimum of 4 pages. I know your probably thinking, OH! This is an easy assignment! But trust me kids, it's harder than you think. Detail, detail, detail. I want to know how you feel! This is Grade 10 English, I will not be giving grades for Grade 5 work. Now you may start as soon as I hand out these notebooks." Mr Decker started row by row handing out notebooks. When I got mine I smiled as I came up with an idea.

~At lunch~

I walked through the hallway and saw some girls dancing. I didn't recognize the music, nor the girls. As I approached them the song ended and they burst out laughing.

"You guys are great!" I exclaimed, smiling.

"Thanks! Isabella right?" A tall girl with black hair, dark brown eyes and mocha skin greeted me.

"I guess I should get use to people knowing me before I introduce myself. Yes, that's me." I laughed a little and held out my hand.

"I'm Brianna, you can call me Bri if ya want." Brianna shook my hand and picked up her bag.

"Nice to meet you, so you like to dance?" I asked.

"Yep! If only we had a dance teacher, they fired our old one and now dance isn't happening anymore." Brianna looked down the hall and back at me. Suddenly an idea overcame me and I smiled.

"I can probably do something about that. I gotta go, but put your number in my phone and I'll text you later." I handed Brianna my phone and moments later she handed it back.

"See ya later Isabella." I waved bye and walked down the hallway. I looked down at my phone as I got a text and someone bumped into me. I dropped my phone and looked around. The person was already a good distance away.

"Hey!" I looked down and saw a note lying on the floor. "You forgot this..." I picked it up and opened it.

I know who you are and your past. I'm not afraid to ruin you Isabella. ~A

Well this is scary... I put the note in my pocket and picked up my phone. Cracks lined the whole screen of my phone and I groaned.

"Hey babe- Woah what happened?" Joshua knelt down next to me and grabbed my phone, examining it. Should I tell him?

"Someone bumped into me while I was walking down the hallway. I dropped my phone and found this." I pulled out the note and handed it to Joshua.

"No one would do that. And if they do, they have to deal with me. Come on, lunch break is almost over." Joshua handed the note back and pulled me up onto my feet. "I'll protect you." Joshua placed a kiss on my lips and I smiled into it.

"No PDA in the halls!" We pulled away from the kiss and I looked at the boy standing before me.

"Stephan!?" I ran over and he pulled me into a hug.

"You've changed a lot!" Stephan smiled and I laughed.

"So have you! I barely recognized you! So I forgot to ask! Did you guys win nationals after I broke my knee?" I never got to go because my knee hadn't healed all the way.

"Yea we did! It was pretty awesome. And speaking of which... I've been holding onto this for awhile.." Stephan pulled out a medal and I gasped. "Everyone on the team got one." Stephan placed the medal around my neck and I hugged him.

"Thanks!" I looked at Joshua and held out my hand. He took it and walked over. "Shall we go to class?"

"Yes, if we must." Joshua laughed and we walked down the hall together. All three of us. But I still couldn't shake the feeling of that note...

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