Sleeping and dreaming:

We were driving along a stay road. I looked at Jerome and I saw something I didn't want to see.

"A-Ale-ex, where are we going" I stuttered. He looked at me. His eyes were dark and black. This was NOT okay. That is really demonic, not going to lie. He drove on. Wait, your 14, why are you driving?! I saw the road turn to the top of a building. What?! I punched him in the face and swerved. I got out of the way before we could drive on. I got out and walked to the exit. I entered a dark ally and saw a guy in front of me with... blood on his face? He was groaning in pain when I saw myself yelling "You wanted a fight, we'll you got one!" I saw a bunch of buff guys running. I said something I'll never forget. "Not taking crap anymore, never again. I'll snuff the next guy that purposely tries to hurt me." All I could say was holy wtf!!!??? Ok then, I'm going to follow me I guess. Then, I felt the shaking.


Who dafuq is dat!

"Who dafuq is YOU!!!"

"It's Fluff."

Oh shoot, wait, where am I?

"Oh. Hi." I said.

"Welcome home Danzi."



Ima just say. That was not a house. That was a mansion, not a house.

I hear a bunch of laughter. Shoot, I ain't lying. That ain't a house.

"Well, am I going to be shown around?" I ask.

"Yeah I guess." Says Adam. I jump on his back and yell "JEFFERY BACK RIDE!!!!!!!" He laughs as he shows me around. We eventually get to my room and Fluff and me unpacked my stuff.

"So I've been thinking, are we going to be together more and do sleep overs, cause you barely know these people."

"Fluff, they know me as much as I know them. I can always ask, and I bet you gurls are welcome to come here. It's called a question mark."

Hmmm, life I guess

Authors Note

I bet you people didn't expect the cussing. It gets worse in my other books I hope not. Bai!

Dee Dee Luv

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