chapter 1

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wake the fuck uppppp!!!! " Andy yelled in my ear, Yes the one and Andy Leo was my brother.  he was my twin but we looked Nothing alike. He's older by 5 minutes that ass hat makes it seem like 5 years.

"I'M UP I'M UP" I looked at the time it was 4 am. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WAKING ME UP AT 4 AM ASS HAT!?!?!" I hissed at him all of a sudden Brandon Hayden Brent Ben and Dave barged in my room like maniacs. in the blink of an eye they were all on top on me squishing my insides. " get off or I'll cut off all of y'alls balls and that means No kids for you all." they all got off except Brandon. "did you just not hear what I said Brandon? " I don't want kids so go ahead " I pushed him off of me. all the guys started laughing thier asses off and I joined.  " No seriously what are you all doing in my house at 4 am and wait how the hell did you get in my house?!" "Haha funny story see sis umm we umm " "Dave broke your window!!!  and unlocked the door." "David YOU ARE GOING TO FIX MY WINDOW!!!! " I said angrily. "Oh and the reason Wes is huuur" Ben said trying to be funny. "is to tell ya that we're going on warped and yous going with us.!" "you wake me up at 4am to tell i am going on a tour I go on every year with Tony?" " Yeah!! " "get out my house and come back later I'm going to sleep." see umm sis we need a place to crash Andy said with puppy dog eyes. "you all know were the blankets and pillows are go to the spare rooms. " you-all know the drill. "

I was half asleep when I got a call from Tony. "hey babe" I said into the phone and I didn't hear a reply but I heard voices in the background. I listened closeoy so I could hear better. "Erin I can't do this I keep sneaking behind Ali's back." "babe Pleaseeeee I want you forget that bitch and stay with me." "you were always better then her." "so just leave that bitch and stay with me" "Alright ill leave her in a couple of days." I didn't know I was crying till Ben was at my side trying to comfort me telling me everything will be Alright.

I woke up the next morning and heard all the guys down stairs

I walked down stairs to find all the guys trying to cook.

"what are you dumbasses doing?" well we heard what happened yesterday and thought breakfast could make you feel a little better. I felt a smile crept on my face . " aww you guys are the best. " they all came to hug me. next thing we were standing in a group hug.  "but I think taking me to waffle house would make me happier." I smirked " well waffle house it is guys!" "let's go Hayden yelled running to the van.

this might be the best day ever...

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