chapter 4 new boyfriend

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As I turned around and looked I saw that it was shawn I grew a smile on my face

shawn pov

I couldnt let her go I had to tell her without thinking I just yelled I love you when she turned around she grew a smile i knew what that meant I ran towards her and on my knees I said "Ema would you please go out with me" I wated for the ansewer "YES I love you shawn" I kissed her something ive been wanting since the first day I met her "please com live with me ill take care of you with me your dad would never touch you or even see you"

"I dont know can I please think about it for right now ill find my own place and job"

"its ok but atleast let me help you"


we got in the car we left to the hospital except for ema she was still scared so while we were at the hospital victoria took her to carters house her mom is a nurse

victoria pov

we were going to carter I kinda have a cruch on him the only one who knows is ema but I cant hide it anymore it grows and grows as we got to the door I helped ema I pushed her in a wheelchair that we got from the hospital as I knocked on the door I got nervous then catter opened the door

"oh my what happened to you ema"

"she needs your moms help her mom died so when her father turned into her legal gurdian he abused her and she's scared of going to the hospital"

"yes yes come in ill call my mom"

"hello mrs.reynolds"

"please call me madie what happend to ema"

"long story can you please help her shes hurt"

"sure just bring her to my office"


I sat outside next to carter he grabbed my hand and then.......

at the hospital

nash pov

I had alot of pain not because of the beat down but because shawn got to ask ema out first and l loved her I just dont know how im going to be able to handle this pain around her and shawn he's my friend I cant go out with ema I had to tell him

"shawn?"(he was on a bed nsxt to me)


"I have to tell you something about ema"

"what is it!"he got up quickly

"uuggh crap"

"no no calm down she's ok it's something else now that you're dating her I have had a crush on her and it kinda hurts me seing you with her im sorry I just had to tell you"

"its ok I mean I dont mind as long as you dont try to take her away from me"he said laughing

at carters

victoria pov

he grabbed my hand and said "victoria I've always had a crush on you and now I have enough courage to ask you will you go out with me"

"yes yes yes a million times yes "I jumped on him

carter pov

she jumped on me I smiled then kissed her then the door opened it was ema she had a cast on her leg

"well I guess this happening to me wasnt such a bad thing you two are such cute couple"

"gee thanks" victoria said blushing

"your so cute when you blush"

ema pov

I had a few bruises and scratches the only bad injury was that I fractured my leg then I heard my text ringtone from my phone when I got it out of my pocket carter got up and took it away from me

"carter give it back your lucky I have this cast victoria tell your boyfriend to calm his ass down!"he then read my message out loud

"from shawn hey babe are you ok I miss you"

" give it back carter"

"so I guess you and shawn are a couple too how long"

"just today "victoria said I blushed

"I guess today is couple day"

"well bye carter we got to go pick up shawn and nash from the hospital"

"them too"

"yea they got hurt while trying to protect me from HIM!"I said disgusted

"well can I go "


"ill drive "

"ok" victoria said

"oh and give ema back her phone"

"ok babe"

"Thankyou"i said I grabbed my phone and texted shawn that we were on our way

at hospital

shawn pov

I got a text back from ema

"what does it say is she ok" nash asked

"yea she says she has a few scratches and bruises and also fractured her leg and now has a cast and she'll be here with victoria and carter"(I know too many "and" sorry)

"oh ok "

"nash are you ok"

"yea im fine "

"is it because of me and ema?"

"y....e..a a little"

"well im sorry nash I know im suposed to do something for you but can you please do something for me can you please just chill out I hate seing you like that your my bestfriend but I really love her"

"fine"he said with a sad face

"ok then" then the door opened

"babe how are you" it was ema


"who's behind you wait is victoria and carter" she interrupted me


"congrats guess today is couple day"

"thats what I said "carter screamed

"hey victoria"

"hy are you guys ok"

"yea!" nash and I both said

"well hello" ema told nash

nash pov

"well hello" ema said


"why are you sad"

"well today is couple day and I am not"

"well im sorry here this will help you"

she came up to me kissed me on my cheek and then hugged me

"are you ok now"

"yea" I smirked and looked at shawn

shawn pov

as I saw ema do that and nash smirk I had to do something I was jealous

"how about me"

"dont be mean"


"maybe wait but your hurt and I am too"

"then why nash"

"wait are you jealous"

"whatt noo psh"

"ok then no kiss bye" and with that she left the room I looked at nash with a cold plain look he looked back at me


"you know what you did"

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