Chapter 3

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Desires-Chapter 3

Cameron's POV
I stared in Nash's eyes. They flashed a certain color of that vibrant blue, and he dropped eye contact. He nervously laughed, "Um yeah.. This girl Kenzie in grade 8, she was a close friend."
My heart dropped. These feelings lately.. What is this?
I just never have felt anything like that, something that just makes you feel so fragile in the best way.
Is it love?
No, no if I loved Nash, or told him I loved him, he would hate me. He obviously likes girls.
I slowly laughed with him, "Oh yeah um.. Me too. Her name was uh.. Um.. Anna. Yeah she was something."
He nodded, in some sort of hesitant understanding.
And as we got up to leave the small cafe, I looked at the bright eyed boy, and I admitted it to myself.
I am inlove with Hamilton Nash Grier.

Nash's POV

Kenzie, really? I've never met a girl named Kenzie.
And the look in Cameron's eyes when I told him about 'her'. My heart is still panging with the same strong feeling I've had since the day I met Cameron. This feeling that just makes me feel so much happiness, yet so much sadness.
And I don't know. What is this feeling? I'm just.. Ugh.. Just so many things going on in my mind.
I walked into our hotel room, seeing Cameron laying in the bed, staring at his phone. I laid down on his bed with him, sitting as far away as him as possible.
I craved his warmth, just being cuddled against him.
"hey Cam?" Silence. I heard soft breaths, and looked at his sleeping face. So peaceful, so tempting. I laid a soft kiss on his temple, and wrapped my arms around him. I heard him sigh in his sleep. I smiled to myself.
And that's when I admitted it.
I am inlove with Cameron Alexander Dallas.

Okay so I hope you guys liked that chapter. I'll try to update soon!
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