Chapter Four - Uh-Oh

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Justin's P.O.V

"Fuck" I muttered while i slid down against the toilet door, scooter is gonna be pissed

"you my good friend are F-U-C-K Fucked" Ryan said while sitting down beside me

"yeah I wouldn't wanna be you when scooter gets here" Chaz yelled from the living room part

I sighed "I have a big stupid mouth" i leaned my head back against the toilet door then Ryan knocked on the door several times no answer

"She must be a asleep" Ryan chuckled

"Isn't there a spare key to the bathroom" i asked

Ryan shrugged his shoulders

"yano Ryan your no help at all" i replied while getting up "where's scrappy?" i asked

"he's outside checking under the hood of the tour bus" Ryan replied

"WHY WHAT'S WRONG" I panicked

"Calm da fuck down, its just a check he does this at every stop" Ryan chuckled

"oh......well okay then" i said then i walked I past chaz and walked out of the tour bus "yo scrappy do you have a key to the bathroom?"

"What's wrong with the one you have?" he replied but he never came out from under the hood of the Bus

"Um...Melissa had it, she's asleep now and I dunno where she put it, If i wake her up she's likely to rip my fucking head of"

"Language and here, but if you lose it you can explain to scooter" he replied while handing me the key so i started to walk away

"oh and Justin" scrappy called

"Yeah?" i replied

"You're a terrible liar" Scrappy Smirked I chuckled and walked into the tour bus I unlocked the door and saw Melissa asleep i walked up to her bent down to her level as she was sitting on the toilet, i moved her hair from her face, there was light mascara stains running down her cheeks she must have been crying wow, i didn't realise how much words could hurt her i was just angry i didn't mean to make her cry *sigh* i bet she hates me now then i felt something hit me

"ow" I whisper shouted

"um earth to Justin" Ryan Smirked

"Dafuq did you hit me with?"

"A Banana Peel" he grinned then he walked out

"Bitch" I muttered, Then i picked Melissa up bridal style, I could feel her breathing against my chest she cracked a smile i wonder what she was dreaming about I opened my room door and laid her down on my bed and i got up and just as i was about to leave

"no don't go" Melissa moaned

I walked over to her she was talking in her sleep she was moving around struggling in her sleep for a few minutes then she said

"No Mom don't go, Please stay, Justin help"

My eyes widened she said my name, she was dreaming about me she started to struggle

"Justin don't go please, I need you" then she started struggling

I sat down beside her and began to rub her head and I hummed I will never let go a bit cliche i know but it was the first song that popped into my head, then whilst i was humming the chorus she started to hum with me she sounded beautiful she said she needed me in her dream does that mean she likes me? Within minutes she was into a deep sleep I got up and walked out i quietly shut door and when a turned around there was scooter giving me the death stare

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