He actually agreed!

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Alfred's POV


I check in my full body mirror for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes and admire my outfit. loose mint green skinny jeans with suspenders draping one the sides and my American flag tee shirt. I lick my hand and slide it through my hair, careful about not touching the flick. I point at my mirror and give myself a wolf whistle and a quick wink before running off through the halls to my kitchen.

I throw open the fridge and pull out a picnic basket I prepared for us. yes. us. I actually scored a date with Arthur! though it took a lot of complaining and pleading.. Oh well.

I fold open the flaps to the basket and place a kind of neatly folded blanket on the top, covering the food.

'I can't believe he agreed!! And I only asked four times!!' I think to myself as I close the basket and heave it off the counter. I check my watch and my eyes widen.

"crap I'm gonna be late!" I shout and dart to the front door, yanking my keys and bomber jacket off the hook. I open the door with great difficulty and run to my car, resting peacefully in the driveway. I toss the basket in the trunk and hop into the drivers seat.

just the mere thought of Arthur agreeing to a date put butterflies in my stomach. I've loved the man for a while now, at first hating myself for such thoughts, but now I can't hold it back and I learned to accept it. sure his eyebrows annoy the crap out of me, but that's okay. I'll just pluck them while he's sleeping or something.

the corners of my mouth twitch up in a small smile as I jam my keys into the ignition and start up my car. the familiar purr greets me and my sudden nervousness of the situation. how awkward is this date gonna be?

I shake it off, pulling out of my driveway and onto the road. driving to the down town plaza, I notice the roads seem a bit busy and crowded. maybe it's for that new movie I'm taking Arthur to see. I'm not really into romance but Arthur seems to be, so I'm taking him to the newest one. theater release is tonight so I'm sure it will be packed.

I turn a corner and pull up to the hotel he is staying at. I glance nervously to the bouquet of flowers I bought earlier, sitting in the passengers seat. I picked out the same flowers that used to be in England's garden when I was a kid, he always brought me one when he visited.

taking the flowers in hand, I walk into the lobby, my heart pounding against its ribcage. he told me it's room 57 on the second floor. I step into the empty elevator and press the bottom, watching the doors slide closed. it makes me feel queezy. I've always hated elevators, the way they feel and the fact that the cables could snap. it gave me shivers. It's really ironic considering my country has some of the tallest buildings in the world.

the iron doors finally open again and I quickly exit, walking down the hall.

"55... 56... ah ha!" I say to myself as I come to a stop in front of his door. I gently rap my knuckles against the door and wait for him to come out. each second passing by makes my palms sweaty and I wipe them on my pants multiple times.

he pulls the door open and I gasp. I haven't seen him out of his uniform before, I didn't even know he owned normal clothes. he wore dark navy blue skinny jeans and a loose white tee shirt, his British flag converse not even tied. his blond hair was slightly messy and he looked up me, his green eyes shining.

it was all ruined by his scowl. he pushed passed me mumbling "let's get this over with". it doesn't bother me and I smile, catching up to him. he pushes the down button on the elevator and my breath hitches in my throat.

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