*Cristinas POV*

The whole time we were in our tree house I had the feeling that someone or something was watching us. I ignored the feeling and enjoyed my time with Jimmy.

We walked inside and I still had the feeling. I was starting to get scared. I walked upstairs into my room and sat at my desk to play Minecraft.

I heard my phone buzz from across the room. I got up from my chair and checked my messages.

*1 message from unknown number*

"You might want to look out Cristina,or your precious boyfriend will get hurt"

I knew who the person was talking about right away. Jimmy. I texted back the number.

"He's not my boyfriend and why do you want to hurt him?!"

I went back to my computer and continued playing. 5 minutes later my phone buzzed again. The text made me shake. It said:

"Oh I don't want him,I want you."

I was now scared shitless. Why do they want me? I don't even know what to do anymore. Should I tell someone or just leave it? I decided to sleep to clear my mind.

I said goodnight to everyone and when I went upstairs I saw another text that said:

"Goodnight babe <3"

I shook it off and shut off my light. I jumped in bed and went to sleep. I was scared,worried and confused. Sleep is the only cure right now.
I hope you guys enjoyed! who do you think is her stalker? This is almost at 3,000 reads!! Thank you guys so much! Please vote and comment! Love you all~Cristina

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