♡ Meeting the other tributes ♡

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§Chapter 2§

Cato's POV-

The noises from district 2 made my heart clench with pride. The cheers, the screams, the whoops of happiness. But the thought of my parents reactions made my heart clench again, but in sadness and disappointment.

My parents never cared for me, all their attention was focused on Blake, my brother who won the hunger games 3 years ago. He won on accident. He survived by hiding and stealing food from other tributes. Soon he was one of the two who were left, and the other tribute slipped on rocks and fell off a cliff he was climbing. And yet my parents still ignore me and praise him and worship him like he was president Snow.

My hateful thoughts were interrupted by Columbae Inchcape telling us to shake hands. The other tribute looked dangerous and cunning, Clove. I have seen her in training, and let me just say she never misses her target. "Here we are! The tributes of district 2!" Columbae Inchcape hollered, excited.

Entering the train was like a whole different world. Outside it was loud and smelled like sweat and blood while inside the train it was quiet and smelled of food and cleaning products along with medal.

"Well now that we have seen this, how bout we sit down and talk game strats?" Columbae Inchcape asked, her bobbing her fake looking head around. "How bout we get straight to training instead? I'm itching to throw a dagger into someone's stomach." Clove said, smirking and chuckling darkly. "Oh my! Clove! Wait for the games to start before you go around stabbing people!" Columbae exclaimed.

I scoff, loudly. 'What morons. I have a horrible team. A bloodthirsty bitch and a sissy trainer.' I thought, shaking my head. "What the hell are you scoffing about pretty boy? Got something in your throat or are you gonna say something?" Clove snapped, throwing daggers with her eyes at me. "Well as a matter of fact, I do have something to say you snotty brat. You two are the worst team I have ever seen. Clove, you better stop acting so bloodthirsty if you want sponsers. And Columbae you better stop acting like you have never seen someone kill another person." I snapped back, my voice cold and dripping with venom.

With that I cross my arms and turn around, leaving them stunned behind me.

Katniss' POV-

As soon as I walked on the bus I smelled 50 different amazing smells hit me at once, and at once my mouth started watering. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Peeta muttered to me, and by the hunger tone in his voice I knew he smelt the food too. I nodded, not actually talking.

"Well now, since your district is always starving I assume you want to eat. But first we need to discuss our plans for the arena." Effie said with her high Capitol accented voice. When I start to object I am dragged by my arm into the living room quarters of the train and pushed onto the couch. "Get the hell off of me!" I shove the peace keeper away, all while Peeta just watched amused and Effie watches baffled by my behavior.

"Young lady! Is that any way a lady should talk? The Capitol is being generous and allowing you to have as much food as you like and a clean place to stay before you go into the games. Be respectful!" Effie shrieks, her pink brows knitted together.

I snort, "Ya? Well they wouldn't have to be so 'generous' if they didn't throw us into an arena and forced us to kill each other!" I yell before crossing my arms and narrowing my eyes at her. Peeta mutters an agreement before Haymitch comes stumbling into the room, looking like a train just hit him. "W-where are the headache pills..?" He mutters, his blonde hair looking like a mop on top of his head. His blue eyes were dull and he had bags under his eyes.

Effie shook her head, "Haymitch! Sit down! We need to discuss how to survive in the arena." Haymitch narrowed his eyes at us. "Wanna know how to survive? Don't die." He fell back into the chair, all while watching us and observing us.

Peeta sits up, "Ya, but how do we not die? How do we find shelter? How do we stay warm? How do we know who we should ally with?" At this, Haymitch looks annoyed. "One question at a time dough boy." He mumbles. "You can fine shelter by looking dumb ass. You can stay warm by finding shelter or sharing body heat. And you ally with people who are strong or people you think you can trust. Or else, don't ally at all. And don't ally with the careers."

"How bout you just build a fire?" Peeta asks. "How bout you just wave a flag saying 'come get me?'" Haymitch retorts. At this, I snort which causes Haymitch to turn to me. "Is there something you would like to say princess?" Rolling my eyes, I shake my head.

"Well now that we are here, let's go to the top floor." Effie says excitedly as we pull up to the train station.

The ride to the building where everyone stays was awkward to say at the least. No one talks and the air seemed to suffocate me. Tensions filled the air.

"Now, before we go in I want you all to know that we will be attending a tribute feast that the Capitol so generously put together so you can make allies and talk to the other tributes. We need to get showered and changed within an hour so we can make it there on time." Effie says, her bright pink lips moving fast.

Inside the building was noisier then outside. The place was filled with teams and Capitol people, looking to tour the place. When we stepped into the elevator, it wad filled with tons of people. It was cramped and smelled of sweat and body odor.

But the worth was totally worth it. The top floor(district 12's) was like a dream. The furniture was plush looking and clean. It smelled of cinnamon and pine, perfect combonation. "I call the first room!" Peeta exclaimed, rushing to get to it. 'What a child' I think, rolling my eyes in the process.

I walk to my room and strip of my dirty torn clothes, throwing them all of the perfectly fluffy floor. The room looked like something the rich people would talk of. The bed sat in the center with water surrounding it but has a path made of stone over to the carpet. I curled my toes a couple more times before jumping into the shower, turning it on full blast hot. The water smelled of roses and the tiles beneath my feet were cold.

Pounding on the door stopped my concentration. "Katniss! Hurry up! We are leaving in 20 minutes!" Effie squeaked through the door, making me scoff. "Yeah yeah. I'm almost done." Running my hands through my hair a couple more times to get the shampoo out I turn off the water and wrap a fluffy white towel around my body.

On my bed lied a t-shirt with a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans. I quickly got dressed and pulled on my boots.

"Katniss!" Effie hollered through my door, sounding impatient. "Hold on! I just got done." I hollered back, my temper flaring. I stomped over to the door and ripped it open, watching as Effie's face went from surprise to fear. "Katniss, enough playing games. We need to leave!" She insisted, grabbing my elbow and dragging me along with her to the elevator where Haymitch and Peeta were waiting.

"Let's get this show on the road." Haymitch said, smirking.

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