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My mom absolutely hates shorts that are tooooo short. But it's annoying because shorts that don't touch the top of my knee are considered 'too short'. I had a nightmare that I was at the mall by myself and my mom was at home. I walked into the store and saw these shorts that I wanted. They were high-waisted! I was at the cash register when the though creep into my mind like a demon.

Mom hates short shorts.

I personally didn't think these were too short. They were mid thigh. But I knew I shouldn't waste my money.

"$15.78" The lady said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh um.. One sec!" I said grabbing my IPhone out of my pocket.

I quickly snapped a pic of the shorts and put them in a message to my mom. As the message was just about to send some jerk bumped into me causing me to drop my phone. I screamed in agony when it shattered and the pieces went flying everywhere and the screen froze before sending.

I tried to put my phone back together but it was hopeless.

I screamed more like shrieked at the top of my lungs. Everybody started throwing pineapples at me to get me to stop screaming. I couldnt.

damn you IPhone.

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