Chapter 36

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*5 months later*

Its been five months and today I'm going to go check my baby's gender. I told my mom and dad and they weren't happy about it. Unfortunately my mom wanted me to abort but of course I wouldn't do that. We were now back in Texas since we had a small vacation. Summer was over and school started but I was now homeschooled so was Andrea she also grew a fanbase and started videos.

My fans were supportive about it that's why I love them but yes I did get a lot of hate from Matt's fans calling me names.

"You ready?" Matt asked interrupting my thoughts. 

"Yes I'm really nervous" I said

"Don't be everything is going to be alright remember that." He said kissing my lips.

"I love you Matt" I said.

"I love you more" He said


We arrived at the doctors office and signed in. We waited a good 20 minutes and those 20 minutes matt was talking to our baby. He was just to cute especially when he was telling the story how we met.

"Mr and Mrs Espinosa." The doctor said

I looked at matt nervously he smiled and said. "Everything is going to be okay"

I nodded

"Right this way" The doctor said walking to his office."Please take a sit" the doctor said.

I did as he said. Matt was beside me holding my hand.

The doctor pulled my shirt up a little and put some jel on my now big stomach. The gel was cold and I felt my baby move.

"Oh my God my baby just moved" I said happy. Matt just giggled.

"It looks like both of your babies are moving." he said while moving the machine around my stomach.

"Wait what? " I said

"were having twins?" Matt said surprised

"yes sir" The doctor said still moving the machine around my stomach

Oh my God twins? So now I'm going to suffer 2x the pain. But two babies. That made me happy. 

Matt gaved me a quick kiss.

He looked happy. I was happy too but I knew this wasn't going to go well.

"Oh no!" The doctor said

"It looks like the umbilical cord has wrapped around one of the babys neck." He continued

My heart broke when he said that. Matts smile was gone.


I was in tears.

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can do anything." the doctor said


I'm thinking to end this story or should I make it longer and have more drama?

idk please comment and let me known what I should do.

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