Touched by the Devil # 30

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Hey! I'm sorry this chapter's so short but I've realised that it is the last chapter... so I split it in half to give you guys a warning haha!

The next post will be the last!!!! 

Enjoy, message all that jazz ;D



The cave was narrow, rocks jutted out into the tiny foot space, I could barely see anything, my head pounded and everything ached. It was as if I had the flu... if this is what the flu feels like, I can’t really remember.

“I can walk by myself.” I snapped. My undead dead things teeth clicked together as I spoke. They’d slipped free ten minutes ago and I couldn’t seem to force them back into place.

“Look your creepy tutor gave me orders,” Gabe snapped back, his hand tightening around my upper arm as he steered me down the tunnel, “and I am not pissing that woman-demon-thing off.”

I was about to snap at him again when the crunch of rocks echoed through the tunnel. We both froze. Something deep, deep down in my gut clenched. I can remember clearly enough the last time I’d felt fear. Funny, I’d been in a tunnel then too...

“Move,” Gabe hissed, his chest pushing against my back as we stumbled down the tunnel.

I didn’t argue. I may not fear the poison rushing through me but the idea of slowly being ripped to shreds and eaten... not pleasant.

Stumbling into another bulge in the tunnel wall, we rounded a bend in the tunnel. Light seeped in through a gash in the darkness. I’d never been more relieved to be out of the ground then that moment.

We could hear the Angel, its claws and wings racked down the tunnel walls, rocks clattered to the floor and echoed around our heads.

“Hurry,” Gabe said, his voice a little more frantic as he pushed and shoved and dragged me the rest of the way down the tunnel.

It wasn’t until we were a few feet away from the exit that I dug my heels in. I could make out the dimming lights from the New World bulbs over head... but I couldn’t see the ground.

“What the he-”

“There’s a drop,” I hissed, my ankle aching as I tried to slow him down, “We’ll fall.”

Gabe cursed under his breath, I could feel him turning to check the tunnel as I edged my way forwards. God my senses are good.

The floor was a good 100 meters below us.

“Can we jump?” Gabe asked meeting me at the edge and peering over.

“You’d break your legs.” I muttered before realising I’d probably break mine too... and I wouldn’t heal fast enough anymore.

“Maybe we can climb down,” Gabe started.

I shook my head, the world tipped from one side to another.

“It’d take too long, by the sound of it the Angle will reach us before we hit the ground and find cover.”

Right on queue something boomed through the tunnel.

“Then what the hell do we do?” Gabe hissed, his hands twitching, his heart thrumming in his chest.

I didn’t speak. What could we do? I hadn’t the energy to scratch the Angel before the thing had managed to bite me. How the hell was I supposed to help get Gabe away now that I felt like a dead woman?

Ha! Dead woman.

“Geanor what do we do?” Gabe hissed again, another boom echoed through the tunnel.

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