Ashton: "Okay, baby, mush your lips together like you just ate a lemonhead." Ashton instructed to you. You casually said you hadn't been kissed, and here you were now, in the middle of a park, seated on a bench getting "Kissing Lessons". You did as you were told, already feeling stupid. He giggled like a school girl as he snapped an unflattering picture of you face. Groaning, you raised your hand ready to do what was needed, but he stopped you. "I'm sorry, but I'm capturing memories here, now do the face." Sighing, you did the face. "Close your eyes, don't you give me that look." You closed your eyes not wanting more if his white girlness to show. Then out of nowhere his lips hit yours.

Michael: You were cursing yourself right now. Why couldn't you have just have just given Mikey the stupid controller. It's not like you were that good anyway, and your winning was on account of him not wanting you to feel bad. Right now, after an intense pillow fight that evolved into a disastrous tickle fight, you were lying on his couch, clutching your sides, wiping tears of delight away. Mikey stared at you for a second, turning his head to the side. You could feel time slowing as he leaned, shutting his gentle grey eyes. Squirming out of the way, confused cast across Michael's face. He didn't;t know what he did wrong. "I'veneverbeenkissed." you mumbled quickly blushing. A mix of a chuckle and an awe fell from his plump lips as he leaned in, smashing his lips against yours.

He pulled away, leaving your head spinning. "See, not so bad."

Luke: You could feel eyes on you. You knew whose they were, they had been staring at you piercing through your sole for the past half hour. It was Luke. Ever since you let slip that you had virgin lips, he'd made it his mission to be your first. He'd been thinking for a while of what was the most romantic way to do it. Then it came to him. He didn't want to freak you out, or have you panicking the entire time about what was happening. So he went to the kitchen, returning with a tub of Ben and Jerry's. You really didn't think much of it, and it wasn't until he bumped your elbow, getting a dollop of ice cream on your lips did you understand. He quickly leaned in, pecking the cold away, replacing it with the warmth of his lips.

Calum: You had invited to Calum over for the day, and he suggested that you guys watch a film. Searching threw your collection of overly emotional 80's films, and stupid love stories you stumbled across Drew Barrymore's 'Never Been Kissed'. That film was the true story of your life. It was a very dear story to you. As you popped it in, you caught Cal scanning over the cover. A curious look was on his face, his big brown eyes glistening. "Why?" he asked.

"It's true." you said with a shrug, plopping down beside him. Before you could understand anything that was happening, he leans over, and kissed you.

"Now it's not." he teased.

a/n: If you haven't seen 'Never Been Kissed' go watch

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