The Threads of a Spider's Story: Claude Faustus

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【 The Threads of a Spider's Story: Claude Faustus 】

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 《 Kurōdo Fōsutasu 》

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 「 クロード·フォースタス 」

For a being like me not to lie, why, that's unthinkable. It's our duty to deceive others so that we may feel joy. That is precisely how I got Alois Trancy tangled in my spider web. As his butler, I was to stay by his side until his revenge was sought. Yet, I only needed him as a tool to obtain another soul that I so crazily desired. His soul wasn't enough for me. I required more heat... Much more. I told him sugar-coated lies so that I didn't reveal my true intention. Yes, that's what I was to him: sweet as sugar, the bluebells he so loved, his light in the darkness. How he loved me so, but his neediness caused his death, for I had dealt with it long enough. The boy's soul was so unstable, like a dancing flame on a fresh patch of green grass in the spring. Oh, master, I loved how heated you could be. Set the fire, put out the fire; a plethora of petty emotions were locked in his heart. I know now that, despite the frustration I felt for Alois, his soul was indeed a worthy dinner. I might have taken great pleasure in tearing it apart. However, he had control over my being this entire time, trapping us in an eternal bond, whether we were dead or alive. In the end, my ultimate demise came and went like the passing seasons. My memory haunted him still. His was a crass soul who would weep for a demon. How foolish he was to place a creature of the night above himself. He wasn't too careful during his life, therefore, he let his fire burn too fiercely, and he burnt himself right out. The spider and the butterfly: what unlikely companions. Anyone with any amount of knowledge could figure out that that friendship would never last. But, I suppose he did get the revenge he so desired for having his wings ripped off. My webs were torn, I lost all of my legs. My soul shall dwell on forever, on the broken and graceful wings of the butterfly. -

( second story in my series "The Threads of a Spider's Story," inspired by the Kuroshitsuji OVA "The Threads of a Spider's Story" )

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