Valentine's Day.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror one last time, observing the way my hair fell in gentle waves and amde sure that there wasn't a strand out of place.

I bit my lip, "I don't want to go," I whined.

"Avery, suck it up. You're going!" Emma scolded.

"Come on, it's going to be fun!" Keira exclaimed. She was Dylan's date and surprise, surprise she was an attractive, blue-eyed, model-looking blonde which made me want to stab her in the face. It's not fair that she can look the way that she does.

I have come to the conclusion that over-attractive people need to be terminated to protect everyone else's self-esteem.

I groaned. "But this," I gestured to my hair and my dress. "Is just not me. Can't I just stay here and eat pizza?"

"No!" Emma and Keira exclaimed simultaneously.

"But I hate Valentine's Day and school dances and crap." I complained.

"You already agreed to go and we have the tickets, so you Ms. I hate being sociable is going whether you like it or not because I'm going to drag you sorry butt over there if I had to!" Emma threatened.

I sighed in defeat. "Girls, your dates are here!" My Mum shouted from downstairs.

"We're coming!" I shouted back. I turned to my Emma and Keira, "Are you two ready?"

"Yep. Let's go." Keira hurriedly opened the door excitedly with Emma and I behind her.

Emma and Keira were already at the bottom of the stairs while I was only half-way down because I was afraid I would trip and fall on my face, and with these heels, the likelyhood of that happening was extremely high.

"Taking your time there, Aves." Jason smiled.

He knew I hated wearing high heels, "Yeah, I'm just giving you more time to indulge in all of this." I gestured to myself but I wobbled and quickly put my hand back on the banister and blushed in embarassment.

Jason grinned at my clumsiness. "You look beautiful but you're going to have to hurry up if you want this," he raised his hand and waved a corsage in the air.

I made my way down the last few steps as quickly as I could without falling over. I sighed. "I hate stairs."

"I'm glad you finally made your way down the stairs before I was old and wrinkly." Jason teased, gently putting the delicate corsage on my wrist.

"I thought you were already old and wrinkly," I teased back.

He raised his brows at me, "And I was waiting for you to fall down the stairs."

I punched his arm playfully, "Why, so you could catch me?"

"No, so I could laugh at you." He joked and this time I did punch him properly. "Ow!" he exclaimed.

"You deserved it."

***   ***   ***   ***  ***

"Say cheese!" Mr. Piers chirped as he took our picture.

I stood next to Jason, smiling while he had his hand on the small of my back. We had several pictures taken, one of us standing and smiling looking normal and others were just wacky photos where he was carrying me and I was telling him to put me down.

I was practically blind by the time the photos were done. And when I thought the torture was over, Emma and Keira decided that they wanted to have a group photo with all of us in it so now I'm walking around seeing white spots in my vision and I have to squint at everything.

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