Chapter 4

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Life after death,

Chapter four,Rory,

I was in my room looking at a BFF bracelet I had found it had three names on it including mine, the names are Agnes and August,

And the friendship bracelet was white with black spots. I for some reason had to know who they are and where they are. But my train of thought was interrupted when a little boy came into my room.

He said,"um I'm Seth, I'm your little brother."

I responded,"hi Seth, your my little brother hu?"

He said,"um ya."

I said softly,"that's cool."

He said,"I'm going to go down stairs but I'll catch up with you later?"

I said,"ya see ya later."

then he left, and it was silent and peaceful once more. I had decided to ware the bracelet but now I was curious about the house and decided to check it out. So I exited my room and headed down the hall and to the stairs and once I reached the bottom I made my way to what smelled like the kitchen. In the kitchen there was two guys and a woman all making dinner.

I said quietly,"can I help?"

They all spun around to find me in the kitchen staring at them. So the woman introduced them,"I'm Karol and this is Tony and Kevin. Tony is your older brother and Kevin is your dad and I'm your mom."

I said shyly,"oh, hi. But can I help?"

She responded,"well we could use another girl around here, so why not?"

So I helped make the salad and the fries to go along with are burgers. I ended up setting the table with Tony too. When dinner was ready everyone sat down and Karol served it. Dinner was full of conversation between the other family members but I was to shy to say anything. But today was alright I guess.


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