KYU's Birthday - Re Upload

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Young Saeng POV.

Sung Chan discussed something with me a while ago. I opened my cellphone and texted the other members except Kyu Jong. When we get back to the dorm, Kyu is unusually happy. He kept on smiling to himself. He even took a bath before he slept which he rarely does. We are all watching the television except for Jung Min who was taking a bath and Kyu who went outside after taking a bath. When we were sure that Kyu got out of the building, the members suddenly gathered around in the living room. I discussed them what Sung Chan has told me. And by the mention of her name, Jung Min can’t help himself but smile and agree and be proud of her.

She’s really awesome, don’t you think?” he asked.

"Ne! You've got an awesome fan. A jjang one!" Hyung Jun said.

"She's not just a fan! Arasso? She's special to me." Jung Min said pouting.

We ended our little meeting as soon as we saw Kyu Jong. (^.~)

The next morning when we woke up, a day before Kyu’s birthday, we all proceeded with our plans. We proceeded with work schedules and everything. When we arrived at the company, Sung Chan our all around dongsaeng has not come to work.

She asked for a one week leave,” Joong said to Jung Min who was now pestering him with questions why she’s not here etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera.

Since Sung Chan-ssi is not here, someone must take over her place.” Joong said.

Though I wanted to do that but I still have the Royal Avenue tasks,” Jung Min said.

Me too hyung. I wanted to but HnB Company President needs to talk with the partners.” Hyung Jun said and hurried off followed by Jung Min.

There were only three of us left.

I wanted to replace her but as this company’s President, I still have some papers to finish until tomorrow,” I said.

Hyun Joong and I looked at Kyu Jong.

Arasso, I will do it. What are her tasks?” Kyu asked.

Then Joong the C.E.O. gave him the long list of Sung Chan’s tasks. I could see at his face that he wanted to complain but he’s too kind to do it.

Every year in his birthday, Kyu would always find time to spend his birthday with his family. And we were planning not to let him have time until tomorrow. We’re bad right? Kekekeke~~~ Just see.

Kyu Jong POV.

I saw her last night with Sung Chan-ssi. They were at the lobby chatting happily in a language I could not understand. I hid by the stairs. I just wanted to see her face. She looked so innocent though. But… Does she like me? Aish... Owww… what am I thinking?! Maybe she knew us but I guess I am not her favorite. Aigoo~~ I wish I could talk to her. I really want to. But my English is not that good enough.

I took out my phone.

“Yoboseyo, Yu Min noona. Erm… Do you know a place where I can learn Filipino language?

Kyu Jong-ssi, there aren’t centers here that teach that. I guess in universities’ linguistics department, there is. Wae? Why don’t you just ask Sung Chan-ssi to teach you if you’re interested? I’ll go now. Bye.

Annyeong noona. Kamsahamnida.

“How will I ask Sung Chan-ssi to teach me if she’s on leave?!

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