--Alex POV--

And that was, okay? If you want to know about my life in Barcelona, it was good from the beginning.

First, my mother let me play football! And how I did that? No idea, because I did nothing.

It was a day. My father wanted to bring me to a local team to continue what I left in Dortmund. My mother was obviously against.

I tried to talk to her that day. I told her what football meant to me. And well... She told me something about her that I didn't know.

My mother wanted to play basketball when she was a child but their parents said the same she told me: that's not for girls. Unlike me, she gave up and found another talent she had: fashion design. "But" I remember she said "you're determinated to play whatever I tell you. And I don't want you to end like me, really. Sorry for what happened in Dortmund. You can play football, if that makes you happy" I think I never hugged my mother as strong as I did that day.

The next day, my father took me to La Masia. Yeah, you're reading right, the youth academy of FC Barcelona.

I've playing in that team since then and my parents were always cheering me. Both of them. I never thought I could bring my mother to one of my matches. And well, she kept coming since then to watch me.

I entered in the first team when I was 17. And well, with 18, I moved from the city's outskirts to the centre to be near my university. That year was also my first match as international. I played a friendly match with Spain U18 against Switzerland U18.

However, I've never played a tournament because of my double nationality and because we were many and they didn't call me often.

Well, now you know really all about me. It's time to go to reality!

Los geht's!

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