Chapter 16

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"They're beautiful"Everyone said at once.

After a while in the room with Amanda and the kids, Olivia got a call from the unis still outside her house.

"A black SVU passed by here 3 times in last 10 minutes. He fits the description of William Lewis.Is anyone inside?" the man spoke to Liv.

"O my God,yes my daughter and friend." Olivia said tapping Fin and Nick yo follow her.

"Ok we'll get them out." There was a long pause. Then the man spoke again "Olivia I promise"

She kissed Amanda and her god children and then left with Nick and Fin.

On the way to Livs apartment she told Fin and Nick that Lewis was trying to get to her. Again.

She got got to her apartment and saw the unis. She left the car running and just ran to her house.

One of the unis said to Liv and the men who just caught up with her, "I thought you said there was only 2 people in there."

"There is." Olivia said looking back towards the street to see the rest of the squad pulling up as she ran towards her front door. She put her up to the door and heard Dana yelling at man who was yelling at her back. She could also hear Paisley crying.

"It's him. It's him" She said slowly backing away from the door.

"Ok,were going in"The men said breaking down the door.

Inside Dana and Pasiley were tied up and William had a gun pointed at them.

TBC yea I know it's really short but I ran out of ideas. Go read my other story the wishing game. It's also a SVU fic :)

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