Chapter 10 <3: Whose Back?

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The 13 year old boy: I think i saw her, dawg.

He pointed to that emergency exit.

The 13 year old boy: She was like gettin dragged out by some man. Im sittin here like what the fu-

His mother grabbed him away and told him to not talk to strangers. Then she gave me some weird look.

Me: Why you lookin at me like I got four eyes?

She turned and stomped away still holding her kid by the shoulder.

That kid though. He was talkin about some shit saying Nitra was dragged out the door. Kidnapped or somn. Damn!


Tahj POV

Its been four months since police never found my baby. Im all alone in this apartment with Tahir. His birthday is today and theres gonna be this big birthday party.

My nigga's turnin one 👌!

I never ever dared to meet another woman while Nitra was missing. I was loyal to her... and would always be.

I dressed up Tahir, who was now walking, in a white beater, khaki caprise/shorts and his taxis.

We went downstairs and opened the door as plenty of guest swarmed in. Damn, i wish Nitra was here.


I welcomed all the party guests and recieved a bunch of gifts for Tahir. Nigga was spoiled. But it dont matter. He's the only child.

Tahir: Dada!

I picked him up and he kissed me on my cheek.

Tahir: Mummma?

Nitra POV

Im in the worst condition.

Ive been put in this basement alone for feels like years. IT PROLLY IS YEARS.

Ive been fuckin raped multiple times by this one nigga. He comes back every night crying to me, sayin shit like he wished he really killed himself when he had the chance. The nigga is really crazy!

But today was the day i planned my escape. Ima talk him into setting me free.

It was prolly the afternoon. i sat in the corner of the empty room.He bursted into the door like a drunk man and ran into my corner. He dropped on the floor...crying as usual. He then grabbed me and started kissing me.

Man: I wish i was dead.

Me: you do?

Man: yea, girl.

Me: Me to...

He stared at me in the eyes and pulled off his mask...for the first time.

Oh mahhh fuckin gawddd!

The man who kidnapped me, raped me, and almost killed me... was


Me: Tae'Von!?

Tae'Von: Yea...

He turned his head not wanting to look at me. He was too ashamed.

Me: How could you?!

I started wacking my hands at him and kicking him in his face.

Me: All the shit that i did for you back then... and you treat me like this!?

He just let me kick him in his face and hurt him.

Tae'Von: Kill me...

I stopped fighting him although he really needed to be hit.

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