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Were both in the ER right now, because josh accidentally ran over Alexis. She's struggling to stay alive. She's awake, but her face is pale, her breathing is rough, and her heart rate is going down. Everyday, josh visits us, but we couldn't care less. I went outside the hospital to talk to him.

"Josh, we hate you. Go away"

"I can't-"

"We need support for room ninety one! Code blue!"

My eyes widened, and josh and I ran to her room. The monitor was a simple line. A long beep. The beep that everyone dreads to hear. Her pale skin was flushes, no color. Her blue eyes were open, and one last breath remained on her closed lips. I slightly moved her mouth, and a tiny gasp escaped, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Se was dead.

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