Ashley's POV.

Andy. the guy I hate more then anyone. the one who hates me back........just kissed me???? but the weirdest part was I was kissing him back!!!! his hands moved down to my lower back, I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer. I don't know why, i'm suppose to hate him but yet i'm still kissing him in the middle of the woods. he ran his tongue along my bottom lip, begging for entrance I let him in. our tongues collided fighting for dominance. after awhile he won. he explored my mouth, then he pulled away and started kissing my neck. I moaned and put my hand on his chest. I had to stop this I went to push him away, but he moved back to my lips. he finally pulled away just enough so that our lips were still very close. we were both breathing hard, I was still In his arms.

"I hate you.." I told him. he smirked and kissed me again. he pulled away again and looked me in the eyes.

"I hate you too" he said.

he let me go and went to the middle of the clearing and laid down on the grass. he turned to me and waved me over. I walked over and laid beside him. we just stared at each other. even though we kissed, we still hated each other. It was weird but I didn't care I still hated him no matter what. but something

Andy's POV.

we just laid there. we didn't say anything, I still hated him and want him to go away. but then again I didn't. he sat up and crossed his legs. I sat up to and wrapped my arms around him. he leaned into me. I could've swarn I saw him blush. we stayed like that it almost felt right. but I didn't want him. did I? no, I hate him and that's how its suppose to be. but I kissed him and im holding him now. what's wrong with me. I was broke from my thoughts when I felt Ashley get up. i stood up and handed him his knife. he slowly took it and put in his boot. he kept his head down. when he looked up, he was blushing.

"i think we should get going.." i said trailing off.

he was about to say something but closed his mouth and nodded. he used his vampire speed and ran into the woods back to my house. i decided ill just walk back to my house. it will give me time to sort out what just happen.

when i finally got back the Purdy family was abut to leave. my mom said good bye to Ashley's mom. my sister was still talking to Hannah. my dad just smiled at Ashley's dad, they shook hands and went to the door i looked around for Ashley he was sitting on the couch, zoned out. i got a piece of paper and wrote my number on it. i walked over to him and stood behind the couch, i leaned down and kissed his ear. he gasped and turned around.

"here's my number, text me later" i said and walked off. wow... why did i do that??? ugh, this is so confusing i went to my room and laid down on my bed. i fell asleep thing of Ashley and if he would text me.

Ashley's POV.

OMG!!! he gave me his number!!!!.........wait why am i so excited, i don't care right? i sighed and went upstairs to my room. when i got there i closed the door and flopped down on the bed. i pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket and looked at it. should i? it wouldn't hurt right? no, i shouldn't he is and enemy. but i feel empty when he is not around. his blue eyes, and perfect lips... no what's wrong with me i don't like him. no!! 

after arguing with my self for half and hour i finally decided to text him. this should be fun.                                       

              (phone conversation) 

Andy- hey, i see you finally decided to text me.

Ashley- yea i guess, but only because i got bored.

Andy- yea sure whatever. anywhore what are you doing tomorrow?

Ashley- nothing why?

Andy- meet me in the clearing, we need to talk

Ashley- ok, well im going to bed.

Andy- ok, hope you have nightmares :)

Ashley-whatever, fuck you bye.

(phone conversation over)

i sighed and put my phone on the charger. i looked at the time it was 10:30pm thank god i didn't have school tomorrow. i wonder what he wanted to talk about. whatever im not going to let that bother me. just something stupid. i yawned and fell asleep.......thinking about......... Andy.

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