I hate Alastair already.

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It was already 4 pm and I was all ready to go for lunch with Alastair. So when the bell rang, I packed my bag and rushed to the parking.
When I reached there, I saw Alastair leaning against his black range rover busy texting someone on the phone.
I ran to him, jumped and stop right in front of him.
"Woah, Yes hyper girl. I get it. You're hungry. Don't rush. We'll be there in no time" Alastair said with a smirk.
"Fine whatever. I'm just hungry." My frown was enough to say that I was actually very hungry.

Briana's POV:
Okay. Awkward. I'm sitting near one of the hottest guys in town. I've never ever sat in a guy's car and gone for lunch with him. That's because I've never thought of dating any guy. I was busy with the drama going on in my life.
When I was looking out of the window. I felt a hand on mine. I looked at Alastair.
"hey, we're going to eat some continental food. Is that cool with you?"
I said "umm yeah" and looked at his hand on mine and signalled him to remove it. But instead, he gripped it more.
We finally reached the restaurant.
We ordered our food and I waited impatiently.
"So. Another friend of mine will be joining us. Her name is Stella. Is that cool with you?" He said.
STELLA? No freaking way!
Stella and I were best of friends in 3rd grade. But we had a fight because she insulted my dad. Ever since, I've never spoken to her. I hated her.
She knew the fact that my dad was dead.
"Hey are you okay? I've heard you're not fond of Stella. Your fights have been there on the social networking sites since ages" said Alastair.
"Can you tell me why you both fought?"

"Umm. Stella was my best friend in 3rd grade. Then, she insulted my father who is not anymore with us. He's dead. It was painful. Since then, I've never looked upon her as a friend. Can you please just tell her not to come. I can't stand her" I said with a sulking face.
"Come on. Don't worry. She has changed. I bet you'll forget about your fight and once you will me her"
I nodded and just remained quiet.
Soon this girl with extremely long and blonde hair stood right in front of our table.
"Alastair and oh my god, is that you Briana?" said the miss little fake Stella.
I just nodded and watched Alastair getting cozy with Stella.
She took her seat and whispered something in Alastair's ear.
Soon our food came and we all were busy eating. There was awkward silence between us.
All of a sudden Stella spoke up.
"So Briana do you remember 3rd grade? Wasn't it some epic time? Oh and when we fought over this stupid reason. Umm that your dad was dead or something? Like it was so hilarious"
I could feel my heart sink. I had all the tear drops falling from my eyes. I just got up and ran outside the restaurant.
All I wanted to do was slap her right across her face.
And I hate Alastair too. He didn't do anything.
I told him not to cal her. He still did.
I felt horrible.
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