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The Hive was massive! It was an enormous spherical shape with winding corridors covered in large windows and numerous rooms for various activities. The Sargent led us through the area explaining to us what everything was for.

The training rooms were more like arenas. They had futuristic traps and obstacles set up in a course which I guessed we were meant to avoid. Other rooms looked like something that just came out of Japan. There were bamboo leaves and little rivers flowing around with blossom trees and flowers scattered on the floor.
Karate and meditation was taught there, runners needed to meditate now and then to stop them from going mental. The dining hall had many separate tables to sit about three or four people and a buffet would be at the front. Best of all was the garden filled with lush grass and flowers I'd never seen before, it was a spectrum of bright colours and pretty patterns. In my country there was no grass in the city. At all. Only the roaming fields and hills outside of the towns where untamed, long reeds covered the area and no one dared to venture there afraid of whatever could lurk there.

We were shown to our rooms. Each room had one bed, one cupboard, a TV , sofas, and a bookshelf. The TV only showed a few channels, mainly news and there weren't any computers or phones. However there was a balcony over looking the beach with its shimmering sands and crystal clear water. It certainly made a change from the dirty brick wall I got to stare at for the first eighteen years of my life.

As I closed the door of my room I let out a sigh of relief. I decided to change into my pyjamas as it was getting dark. I opened my clothes cupboard and saw my uniform. It was black jeans and jacket with a gold belt across the middle. Engraved on the side was the name Rose. I smiled then glanced at my pyjamas which looked more comforting. As I slipped into them I went over all the events that had happened recently. I had made two new friends, made one enemy and gotten into a fight before the first lap of The Run. Not a good start. I decided that a good nights sleep would clear everything up and rested my head on the cosy soft pillow instantly fell asleep.

Next Morning

I woke up to the sounds of birds tweeting. The sun was shining through the windows. You would've thought you were in paradise! As I got off of my bed my door suddenly slammed open and there stood a boy with golden blonde hair which seemed to shine, bright blue eyes and tanned skin.

"Argh!" I shrieked as I rolled off the bed in surprise and grabbed the blankets over me so he wouldn't see my fairy and unicorn pyjamas.

"Oops sorry" he said sheepishly as he turned to go out.

"No it's fine" I said wrapping the blankets around me which made me look like a penguin and waddled towards him.

"Oh I was just going to visit my friend and I thought this was his room"

I could see he was trying very hard not to laugh at my blanket/penguin suit.

"Your name is Ethan right?" I said slowly sidestepping to the bathroom.

He nodded and stepped out of the room. "Sorry to butt in and all, I rush into things without stopping and thinking"

He closed the door and I let out a sigh of relief before jumping out of the mass of blankets. The alarm clock on my bedside table started to ring making me jump, it was going to be my first day at Hive. Grabbing my uniform from the cupboard I raced into the bathroom and changed, after I had changed I faced the challenging task of how to style my hair. Right on cue in walks Sapphire dressed in a black combat suit with a neon pink belt, her hair is out flowing behind her making her look even more beautiful than normal. Tasha appears behind her with a similar suit just that it has a neon green belt.

"Working on your makeup?" She grins

"NO where did you get that idea? I'm defiantly not a makeup type of girl" I protested. " help me with my hair please" I added pathetically.

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