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So...There is a twist coming up soon!:D



Okay, so as soon as I get back to him i'll ask him what his name is, I can't believe we've talked this much and I still haven't asked...I'm seriously not normally like that.

I got out the loo and saw Kayleigh talking to him, with a huge smile on her face. He saw me and quickly said something to her, when I got back she was trying not to smile...I could tell he told her something.

"What'cha talking about?" I asked, curious. He looked past me, over my shoulder like he was thinking about what to say. I could see Kayleigh was nudging his back.

"Oh, by the way...What's your name?" I added, drawing his attention back to me. Kayleigh sniggered and quickly walked away, covering her smile. What is going on??

"Well, my name is Zayn" He smiled. Then he leaned in close, I felt his breath on my neck and he whispered.

"But I think you know me as Sam" Then, before I could even reply, I felt his lips crash against mine.

"SARAH'S IT'S SAM! HE'S BACK!!" Kayleigh screamed, I guess she couldn't hold it in any longer. We both smiled into the kiss before pulling out and looking at Kay who was still smiling.

"I've never been more happy" I said, as tears filled my eyes.

"This is so unreal! I can't believe it" I added. Oh i'm so happy i'm crying?

"C'mon, let's get out of here and go some place we can actually talk" Kay suggested.

"Yeah, this place is pretty weird" Sam/Zayn agreed.

What am I supposed to call him? I guess Zayn...wait..Why is his name Zayn now?

"I'll explain everything back at yours?" He said, as if he read my mind.

"Yeah okay" I smiled as we left the party.



This was just what I needed to calm down, and think about everything that's happened - An afternoon in with my gorgeous baby girl. She's so good! She never cried once, and I managed to make her giggle a few times, her laugh is the cutest.

I take it Kayleigh and Sarah are having a good time, they've been gone 3 hours and I haven't heard anything...Oh god. I hope to god nothing bad has happened to them? They're not after them, they wouldn't get them too would they? Nahh, i'm over thinking now.

Luckily, just then they came home, alittle to happy.

"JAMES JAMES JAMES!! Guess what...!" Kayleigh squealed as she ran up to me, giving me a quick kiss before running back to the door.

"Oh god...What have you brought?" I teased, placing Leah in her moses basket.

"'s better than that!!" She yelled, opening the door.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled, stumbling back as Sam walked through the door. He died!?

"It's cool man, I didn't die" He laughed. Right, I wasn't thinking he was a ghost....I was shit scared though.

"What the hell?" I asked, seriously confused as everyone sat on the sofa's.

"Sit down and i'll explain" He said. So, I sat next to Kayleigh and listened.



We all sat around, taking in what Zayn was saying..It's so weird calling him Zayn now.

"So, my boss came in, disguised as a doctor and told me that I have two options. I could either stay as Sam, with you guys here...But have no job and have to find a new one. Or I could keep my position in the FBI but that would mean i'd have to change my identity again, and meant that Sam would die. I thought about it, and I really wanted this job, it's all i've ever done, and I thought that it would be easy living without you...Turns out it wasn't as easy as I thought" He explained.

"So you didn't die?" James asked, still hung up on that..

"No, I didn't die...Anyway, so they changed my identity completely. So I am now Zayn Malik. A 'wannabe' signer who grew up in London"

"Wow. So Sam is just-" Sarah started. "Died...A different person" He said.

"After like a week of this new 'life' I realised I couldn't live without you, I mean, I didn't even say goodbye" He said, turning to Sarah, who returned his smile.

"Then my boss informed me that there is this case in Italy so I took it straight away, planning to find you again" He smiled.

Everything worked out perfectly to plan! I can't believe how perfect it is, their love was meant to be too.

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(Btw, this is before the hole One Direction time...So Zayn wasn't anyone special...)

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