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June 1st 2009

12:30 pm

About a month has past since Bahja was killed. Things in the orphanage were slowly going back to normal. Mrs.Ruben had finally recovered and everyone was back to their normal state. Today was another special day. A new orphan would be arriving soon and they were throwing a welcome party. All the children were in the living room waiting on the new arrival. Zonnique was locked in her room writing in her journal again. She didn't care about another orphan coming. Bad enough she had to deal with the ones here now. She continued writing and soon she became angry. She couldn't focus with all the noises from downstairs. She aggressively shut her journal and sat up on the bed. Outside Zonnique heard Mrs.Ruben's voice from afar. She peeked out the window to see her hugging some boy. This was the new orphan.

"His hair is stupendous." Zonnique snickered in her soft England accent.

The new orphan was Rayan Lopez. He had brown skin, nice shaped eyes and long braids. He had just moved from an orphanage in Los Angeles but was transferred here. He lost both parents in a fatal car crash, just days after being born. He has no remembrance about them whatsoever. Rayan remained silently walking inside the orphanage. The others greeted him politely then went on by their business, to the party room.

"Rayan come, I'll show you to your room honey." Mrs.Ruben said looking at him.

"Okay." He said lowly and began following her upstairs. While walking he saw pictures of the other orphans, on the walls. One photo caused him to raise an eyebrow. It was of Zonnique. She was smiling. Her smile looked sneaky but still adorable.


"Oh huh?"

"Here's your room sweetheart. Luckily you don't have to share with anyone." She laughed and saw him starring down the dark hallway. "Don't ever go to that room okay?"

"W-Whose room is it?"

"One of the orphans. Her name is Zonnique and she has behavioral problems. Try and stay out of her way alright?"

He shrugged. "Okay."

"Good now put your stuff away and come downstairs when you're done." Mrs.Ruben smiled then walked away.

Rayan sighed then walked inside his new room. He looked around to see dark blue painted walls, shiny wooden floors, a bed with red covers and much more. He began unpacking his clothes and other personal items.

Meanwhile Zonnique overheard what Mrs. Ruben said about her. She rolled her eyes and closed her door. She went into her drawer and grabbed some clothes. She decided on her blue overalls, a red tshirt and red converse. Zonnique parted her hair in the middle and made two long pig tails. She walked out of her room from deeo in the hallway only to be knocked down. Rayan had accidentally bumped into her.

"Watch where you're going!" She shouted causing him to jump.

"Woah. Chill out, I didn't mean to.." Rayan mumbled.

"Whatever just stay out of my way new boy." She looked him up and down before walking downstairs.

Rayan rolled his eyes slightly then glanced down the hallway. He realized that must've been Zonnique. She didn't look bad but by the way she snapped on him; he knew she was trouble. Rayan went out to the backyard where music was playing and everyone was enjoying themselves. He wasn't the party type so he went and sat on the steps.

"Aye Rayan right?" A boy by the name of Chresanto asked.


"You wanna come shoot some hoops with us?" He gestured to two other boys.

"Sure." Rayan answered and hopped up, running to the court with the boys.

Zonnique sat under the large oak tree playing with the raggedy Anne doll, Mrs.Ruben bought her. She continued stabbing the doll with a tac smirking sinister manner. She stitched her mouth closed and held the doll up.

"I'll call you Rudy.."

"Hi Zonnique!" A soft voice greeted.

She looked up to see Breaunna smiling innocently as usual. She sat beside Zonnique, in her yellow dress twiddling her thumbs. Though none of the other girls liked Zonnique, Breaunna thought she was just misunderstood.

"I don't like you."

"You don't know me.." Breaunna replied.

"Exactly because I don't want to know you. Shouldn't you be playing with those cunts over there?" Zonnique scoffed pointing her finger.

"I'm just trying to be your friend--"

"Don't you see!? I do not want nor need friends. I hate everyone and that's just it. If you speak to me again or even look in my direction, " Zonnique warned getting closer to her face, "I'll destroy you. Got it?"

Breaunna widened her eyes in complete fear, starring Zonnique's red pupils. She was officially afraid and frightened by her. She got up and ran away tearing up. The party had just ended and everyone was heading inside for dinner. All of the orphans washed their hands before joining around the long table. As usual Zonnique sat at a different table away from everyone. She starred down at her food and grimaced. It was tacos, something she never tried before nor wanted to.

"Rayan!" Breaunna laughed faintly causing Zonnique to look over.

She saw them two playing around, giggling with eachother. She rolled her eyes and sighed looking down at her raggedy Anne doll.

"Who needs friends Rudy..."


Once dinner was over all the orphans went up to bath and get ready for bed. Zonnique walked into her room then locked the door afterwards. She trudged into the bathroom located inside her room. She flicked the light on and began stripping from her clothing. Zonnique raised her eyebrow starring at her body. Her breast were forming and she had no idea. She touched them and cringed at the soft feeling. It was time for her to start wearing bras now. Zonnique was finally going through puberty.

"Ugh..." She muttered then cut the shower on steaming hot.

She stepped inside and allowed the hot beads of water smack her skin. She washed herself up using Japanese blossom soap, then conditioned her hair afterwards. Zonnique got out of the shower and went to her room to find something to sleep in. She put on her undergarments, and a white night gown before creaming her body. Afterwards she did her hair in two braids from its dampness.

"Zonnique! Open up!" Mrs.Ruben hollered behind the wooden door.

She sucked her teeth then unlocked the door, twisting the knob.

"Tomorrow you're are going to start interacting with the other children. It is my job to make sure you're communicating and--"

"No. I am not going to talk to these cunts!"

"Watch your mouth young lady! Tomorrow we're taking a trip to the Atlana zoo and since there is a odd group of children, you will be partners with Rayan."

"That pig tailed freak? No."

"Either that or the responsibility room all day long." She warned seriously.

Zonnique cursed under her breath and growled. "Fine dammit! Now get out."

Mrs.Ruben sighed and left out, slightly satisfied. Tomorrow would be an interesting day.

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