Chapter 1- He's Here

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Kaitlyn's POV

I pulled into the parking lot of Crenshaw highschool and seeing the usual standing around

Mike and Maryse making out on the hood of his car.

Dolph and the rest of football team making a loud racket as usual

I hoped out and saw my friends coming towards me.

Aj, Nattie,Tj and Johnny

"Where's your annoying girlfriend?" I smirked at Johnny as Tj nudged his shoulder.

"Whatever who cares today is friday and tomorrow isss" Aj hopped up and down

"Camping trip!!" We yelled in unison.

I suddenly felt a pair of strong hands pick me up and spin me around.

"Cody!" I kissed him softly and i could tell they were rolling their eyes behind me.

"How was the hockey game?" he shrugged and i knew he would boast about it.

"Ehh i could have did better" I smiled and held his hand as we walked towards the entrance.

Cody's pov

I felt somebody bump into me from behind. I saw tough guy Roman Reigns and decided to ignore it.

He was followed by Seth Rollins and his other twin cousins. "Did you hear about that Dean Ambrose guy coming here"

i looked down at kaitlyn while she squeezed my arm. "Yea i heard.."

"Watch out!" We both turned around and saw Zack coming right at us on his bike.

we parted and watched as he fell off his bike.

"Ughh" He groaned and i grabbed Kaitlyn's hand

"He'll be fine"


Kaitlyns Pov

"Know tommorow i want you all to start on your history project it's very impo-"

"Wait Ms.Jameson we cant because were all goi-" Zack  started and the whole class yelled telling him to shutup.

"Oops my bad" He's such a joker.

"Know that that's over with, turn to page-" My teacher was interrupted again.

We turned are attention to the door and nattie opened it.

It was him. The guy, that psychopath that killed his mom.

He walked slowly to Ms. Jameson as the class stared, "hi you must be Dean Ambrose" She said in a friendly way but i knew  she was scared as hell.

He just nodded and stared at her, handing her a paper in the process.

"I see umm why dont you take a seat behind Zack" We all looked at Zack as he looked at Ms.Jameson with wide eyes

He walked slowly to his desk and sat down getting quick stares and glances.

"Let's continue with the lesson shall we" I looked at the board and felt eyes staring me down.

"Pyscho" Dolph mumbled making the class laugh.


(no pov)


The time where you sit down and hang with your friends with everybit of confidence in you.

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