Where am I?

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:::Jacobs Pov:::

I knew something was up with Mia she never acted strange but after we had had sex is when it changed she was sadly my first and I was her first to or at least hoped I was her first the truth was I loved Kim but I also ..... loved .... Mia and I felt bad for loving her. I felt bad for hurting Kim I loved Kim but what happened between me and Mia changed everything the way we thought about everything, the way we thought about each other I really did need to talk to her I knew it was hard on her to go to the wedding so I was gonna asked Mia if she wanted to come or let me make a excuse for her. I get in my car and left to Mia's house.

I get there and knock her car was there as usual but no answer it was in the middle of summer so she didn't have to work I banged on the door still no answer.

I break down the door and see Mia on the couch with a gash on her fourhead I pick her up and carry her to my car when I was carrying her that one thought went to my mind I did the same exact thing I am doing now at the party I put her in the back seat and drive to the hospital.

3 hours later

"Where where am I?" Mia says with a low voice

"Your at the hospital" I say

"Why just why you bring me here?" Mia says

"Oh I don't know maybe because you were knocked out on the sofa" I say

"Why do you care so much for me? I am just Kim's best friend that betrayed her" She says disappointed

"I am her cheating fiance" I say

"Were both just awful" She says

"Maybe I like being awful maybe I liked having sex with you" I say

"You liked it" She said

"Yeah but you were my first" I say

"I did to don't worry you were my first also" She says

"Well this sucks" I say

"What sucks?" She says

"Were each others first like we ever thought we end up having sex" I say

She starts laughing I could tell in her smile she felt really happy I did to I felt so happy that I kissed her

"What are you doing don't make the same mistake again Jacob!! Look were not meant to be never will be" She said it broke me because I really had feelings for her

"Good news the baby is ok" Dr.Alexander says walking in

"Wait what you were pregnant and never was gonna tell me" I say

"You don't need a baby it just slow you down you have a fiance and football season is starting soon a baby slow you down" She said

"It wasn't your decision to pick whether or not you told me" I say

"It was my decision to not ruin your life" She said

"You think a baby ruin my life that's your excuse not to tell me I actually felt something for you but its over bye" I say as I leave

"Wait wait wait Jacob" Is all I heard from her when I left.

:::Mia's Pov::::

I couldn't believe he found out I couldn't believe he had feelings for me I just couldn't believe it

I never thought I see Jacob so hurt as he was when he left but I couldn't do anything not after him finding this out so I'll give him a couple of days before I talk to Kim or Jacob

3 days later

I got up and got ready I gave Jacob enough time too think and accept the situation I start too leave and when I get in the car and get a text from Kim Jacob was in a car accident please come to the hospital I quickly drive to the hospital.

2 hours later

"When is he gonna wake up" Kim asked the doctor constantly and they always said they didn't know

"So how did the wreck happen?" I asked Kim

"Some idiot pulled in front of him" She said

"He will be ok" I say hugging her

"I'll go get us drinks i'll be back" Kim says grabbing her purse she was worried then left to get us drinks

"Why are you here?" Jacob says

"Kim" I say

"Your having my baby and didn't tell me" He says disappointed

"It slow you down Jacob whether you say it won't are not it ruin your life and you can do better I...I will take the blame and say I don't know who the dad is ok?" I say

"Don't do that it is also my responsibility to" He says

"No no its not you had a car accident thinking about the baby just please don't ruin your life" I say with tears coming out my eyes

"And let it ruin yours that be wrong of me" He says

"Well its not your decision I think I am moving anyway I don't need to ruin your life" I say

"Stop making it worse what are you trying to do keep the baby away from me" He yells

"Yes ok yes! You need to marry Kim so forget about me and the baby it will be just like a dream when we leave" I say

"A dream what about the baby it needs a dad it needs me" He says staring at me

"I already have the ticket I am leaving for New York this weekend" I say

"Don't just please stay" He says while getting up and walking over to me He puts his hand over my stomach and feels it

"I have to you don't love me you love Kim" I say grabbing my keys

"I....I I love you also" He says trying to stop me

"Whether or not you love me and I love you were not meant to be" I say and leave out the door as he follows me in the hall

"So were just gonna let these feelings go?" He yells

"Yes" I yell

I got in my car and started crying I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn't do it, it was wrong of me to even think I could be with Jacob my best friends fiance.

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