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Kay so this is gonna be narrated because I don't really feel like putting this in a POV. Lol alright have fun! :)

Kaitlyn gonna be pissed off at me. :)


Jada and Roy walked into Ray's house. Because everyone else was out for the night. They sat down on the couch and began watching the television. There was only one thing Jada and Ray ha in their mind; doing the nasty.

They both turned to each other and Immediately started kissing. Ray kicked had as bottom lip. Asking for entrance while Jada gladly excepted it. Ray  explored all around her mouth. Ray then started to take of Jada's clothes, then Jada took off Ray's.

Ray pulled out a condom from his pocket.. Then him and Jada had sex..

I DECIDED TO DO A POV JO-welcome I'm not good at this type of stuff. Kaitlyn ain't even help -_-


Jada POV

"R- Ray. That was the best ever. Like amazing, but I have something to confess to you.."

"What is it babe? Anything for you!"

I- I'm actually in love with Roc."

Jada then put her clothes on, and left the house, while Ray sat there in shock. She then went back to the apartment where everything was packed and drove to the airport. She was only with Ray to have sex...

Smh what a bitch


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