We stayed there for an hour or two, catching up and people slowly started to disperse,we went down memory lane and we all ended up having tears in our eyes but not for crying but for laughing as we relieved our time with lexi.we walked back to our mansion.

'We should go out' says Liz

'We've been here for...erm' Stefan. turns his phones on and gasps at the amount of missed calls, we all put our phones on silent or turned them of.

'6 hours and a half' says Stefan. I look at Stefan phones and my eyes widen.

'Looks like someone was missed' I said ' go on click one' he clicked one of them

' hey Stefan where are you, we're all worried, are you ok' elena

'Stefan it's been 2 hours, are you ok, is it because of what I said to them' elena. And there were 50 more form elena, some from Damon , a girl called Caroline ect

'Woah that's a lot' says liz. 'Hmm I don't like the way she referred to us as them, I mean come one we have names you know, click on the recent one' he clicked on the recent one.

'Erm Stefan if your not home by 12 were gathering a search party so please reply back' elena

'Demanding much'

Stefan looks at me . ' hey she is just worried ok'

'Ok' he says again giving me a pointed look.

'Ok' I say, I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about elena, not that she is evil and that but she might be Stefan downfall or happiness and I don't really like the fact that she has the power to do that

'Wait a minute' says liz ' you didn't tell you friends you were going to lexi funeral' Stefan looks at the floor.

' hey she's right, how come you didn't tell them.'

' because they might have persuaded me to say or forced me to stay' he says

'Why would they do that' liz asks

' erm,because they don't really like you much you see' he says

' we haven't even met them' I explained

'I know but you didn't give them a very good first impressions, so I left before they can even ask questions'

' hey they can't do that,you can do your own thing,' says liz

'I know but I didn't want to share you guys, either, I'm worried that Damon. Might take you guys away like he took lexi' his eyes go wide

'WHAT' me and liz exclaimed.

' he killed lexi' I shout

'oh watch what I'm gonna do to him when I get my hands in him,i'll kill him' shouts liz

'no, please , you can't kill him his the only family i have left...' pleads stefan

'are you serious,your gonna let him get away with it' shouts liz

'pfft no who said his gonna get away with it , i said not to kill him doesn't mean we can't show him pain,' this time he looks at me, after all i am an expert a this stuff.

i finally catch on to what he is saying and my sadistic mind starts planning.

'i know first we can torture him then prank him .. erm haw many times did i prank you stefan.'

'well lets just say over a 1000'' he repies

'very well then, we shall prank him double the amount and twice as big as yours stefan' stefan eyes grow big before a smile forms hs lips.

'this should be good' says liz.

they both look at me and i smile. 'hang on a minute what time is it'says liz

'11:58' says stefan

'and...' says liz

'and what' says stefan who is very confused, i realise what liz is on to. i tap his brain. he looks at me strangely.they both do

'didn't elena says she is gonna bring a search party, if your not home by 12 and i seriously do not want her near my house or to know where it is' i say

'no offense' i say quickly.

'oh yeah, i have to go,'

He says, getting ready to go.before he stands up i decided i didn't want to split up yet and it was far to early for bed.

'hey stefan, we'll come with you,i can get us there in under a second' before they can register what i said i teleported to the grill. both liz and stef were shocked.

'hh..ooww did you do that' stuttered stefan.

'perks of being a witch; i say before walking into the grill, stefan and liz quick to follow.

'oh yeah i forgot you were a... mmffgghs' as i covered his mouth before indicating towards the supernatural group ,getting ready to go. they didn't realise we were there yet.

realisation flew through him and he gave me a knowng look.we waited for the supernaturals to realise we were here and walked to a stool before ordering a drink and compelling the man. we sat down and watched them for a while and it seemes they were in an argument. cause i was an original and a hybrid i could hear everything whilst stefan and liz sat there amused. i laughed a little while the warewolf and damon almost got into fight before elena whispered into his ear and he visibly calmed down but still tense.i could see the love in damon eyes for elena and looked at stefan seing the same expression. de ja vu. i frowned at this i didn't want stefan hurt again.

whilst i was in my thoughts, i was brought out by a burp from the one and only stefan salvatore which caught the attention of the... erm scooby doo gang, yeah scoby doo gang from what i heard from Lex they sure do act like it,who looked shocked, their expressions hilarious and got liz cracking up before me joining in then stefan. liz started rolling on the floor soon followed by stefan as they laughed. it felt good to laugh after all that crying.

'come on guyz' before started to make our way towards the table. majority of their faces still in shock.

'erm , i think their faces are frozen' says liz which snapped them out of their shocked state and they all started to hug stefan, me and liz stepped back, well maybe not damon or the warewolf or the human boy but the three girls did and then elena kissed him. we coughed and the attention was brought to us. they all looked at us...


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