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~No Ones POV ~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Elena smiled and had her book-bag purse hanging from her shoulder with the Terror Twins following from behind looking around while walking to her class that had already started first period 10 minutes before . But they were in the main office talking to the principle about the twins and her new two guardians to watch over her during school classes . So as they stop right before was her classroom .- 

Elena:"ok guys behave and stay quiet got it for me please."

Sideswipe"Don't worry we won't cause trouble ."- He promised with a smile as they entered and everyone turned to Ella and the Terror Twins with awe and surprise in her LA class . Elena smiled and waves at her classmates while blushing and walking to her sweet kind teacher Mrs.Harlem with the twins behind her . Elena loved her sweet,kind-hearted,and smart LA teacher and she was one of the greatest teachers she every had .Ella's teacher Mrs.Harlem was 5 foot 5 inches with long soft light brown hair with bright blue eyes and always wore a smile on her face everyday . -

Mrs.Harlem:" Elena! This great you're back and you're safe and you're away from those evil cons! "-She yells out and race towards Ella while hugging her and nodding with a large happy smile . Elena hugging back at her kind teacher and nodd at her then heard a scream/gasped by the door . As soon as she heard the scream/gasp came from she saw her dear friend ,Crystal and she couldn't help but let go of her teacher and race up to her red-head ,pale white and green bright eyes that was 5 foot 4 inches and hug her tightly . -

Cystal:" ELENA!! I was so worried !!!! " -She said while hugging with Ella and smiling brightly.-

Elena:"I know and I'm sorry I worried you but I'm fine now and I have four guardians from the autobots . The other two are at base so for now I only have two and they are Sideswipe and thats Sunstreaker ." -Ella said with a smile and pointed at both at them .- "And that is Mrs.Harlem and this is one of my best friend Crytsal guys " -She said while intorducing them and pointing at them .-

Mrs.Harlem : " It's a pleausre to meet you both and now lets get seated and get back to the lesson ,"-She said with a smile and let the twins take the extra chairs in the room and sat next to Ella by the she is sitting in .-

~Elena's POV~

-The first day back was different and fun. As we walked down the hallways to my classes everyone would stop and stare at us and whisper to each other and glare at me lightly at me in wanting to hang with them but couldn't but lunch was the worst because the Bee-itches came in or also knew as the Bullies .As I sat with my lunch alone for the moment while I waited for the Twins getting there energon from my locker and ate a little bit of it I heard the "Click" of the Bee-itches heels . I could tell they were coming towards me and I looked up to see them looking down at me with smirks especially Alex, the leader of the group then there was Terra, the stupid blond then Caire , the second command with a rich daddy lastly was Bella , the smart and huge jerk . -

Alex:" Well look what we have here ? Little miss Elena alone without her bots or guards . Mmm I wonder what makes you speical that you get to hang out with awesome strong and rich aliens ?"- She said with a large evil smirk on her pale narrow face with her black straight hair bangs over her eyes as she pulled my hair in its ponytail roughly and made me frown in pain and rub my head-

Me :" Because they need too "-I said back in a strong voice not letting them win .-

Alex : " Well to me they should let you stay with the evil ones because all you are is a worthless stupid little fat poor girl with a handicap mother and a little sister that is bigger then you and a dead beat dad !" -She said laughing with the rest of them and that made me angry no one I mean NO ONE ! SAYS THAT ABOUT MY FAMILY! Then I stood up and got from the seat and even though she was taller then me by 5 intches I pushed her back making her fall back and made all of them stop laughing with shock .-

Me:" HOW DARE YOU ?! YOU BEE-OTCH YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND IT'S PEOPLE GIRLS LIKE YOU WHO THINK THAT YOU ARE THE MOST IMPROTANT THING EVER THAT ARE WORTHLESS ! ALSO YOU MAKE FUN OF ME ALL YOU WANT AND PUT ME DOWN BUT DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY! YOU STUPID IDIOT GIRLS AND YOU KNOW WHAT GIRLS LIKE ALL OF YOU ARE WORTHLESS ! BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO SELF VALUE AND ALL YOU ARE IS BULLIES !!!"-I yelled loudly at them and panted with anger and I watched Alex get up with anger and then she stepped up and slapped me .Now that was it . I growled and pounched her hard and fast so hard I knocked her out and she fell all her little BEE-otches rushed too her and were too afaird of getting near me and I felt my hand was on fire and i yelpped and growled .As I did I saw My Twins rush to me and hug me and look at them .-

Side:" You did good Ella and we better get  you to Ratchet ," -He said while looking over my red swallowen hand .-

Terra:" What about Alex she knocked her out !" -She said with worry .-

Sunstreaker:" The school medic will help her and we saw the whole thing and recorded it you stupid girl and she is right you are worthless all of you ," -He said as Side went through the ground bridge with me and explained what happen to  G1 Ratchet and followed while the birdge closed behind him -

-Now TFP Ratchet is taping up my broken hand as my mom , primes , prowls and Jazzs and the rest of the Ratchets watch the tape of what happen and I sighed and I smile feeling Sides rub my back with Sunny .-

Side:" Ella-bella I think you really stood up to that Glitch of a human and you did what you had to do ," 

Sunny:" Yeah and you were right they are worthless while you're worth it ,"-He said smiling at me both of them smiling and nodding at me .-

TFP Ratchet:" I would have to agree with them "-while finishing up and nodding at me .-

Me:"Thanks guys I mean it and I hope I stopped the bullying,''-I saw everyone come out and walk towards me and they had worried looks at my hand and my mom raced and hugged me .-

Mom:" I'm so proud of you ,we all are proud !"-She said with a smile and kiss my head.-

Me:" Really ?"-I said looking around the room at all the Autobots and family .-

Uncle Movie Optimus :" Yes we are . You stood up for You're self and your family and yes you pushed her and then knocked her out but you did what you felt to stand up to her .''-He said smiling while they all smiled with him.-

Me:" thanks!"-smiles and blushes -

G1 Ratchet :" NO Problem but you can't go to school because of you hand so go take these and go relax ," -He said with care and I took the makes and as soon as I did Sun picked me up and took me to the rec room with sun.-

 Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time between having no wifi and having writers block it was hard and long . Hope you like this chapter ! ~ Ironrose

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