Chapter 12 >The Party <

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Laynas P.O.V

. The Party was Deep As Fuck.   Walking Into The Party They Blasted,  SHIT by Future.  I was already Turnt.  Bitches was on The Stripper Pole shaking ass and Niggas was Throwing Cash.  Me and Jay walked Over to The Bar and Ordered Some Henessy,  The Drinks were free all Night until 12. Jay was throwing Liquor back like hell. I Had to Tell her to Stop. we wasn't even a Hour into the party and she was pissy drunk. 

" Man this damn Party was epic " I yelled in Jay ear because the music was loud. 

"Bitch Move!  I'm finna go take somebody man "Jay wondered off.

  Bout time I was Good and tipsy I made my way too the dance floor and was grinding with some Man,  we was dancing to three songs until I got tired. and went to take a seat Next to a girl Name mimi.

"Whatssup I'm Lay " I extended my hand

"What's Good ma I'm mimi " she smiled.

"Aye Lay you Smoke.?  she asked

Damn Right boo,  what you smoking on?  I asked.

"Nothing But Kush boo , You down? " she replied.

After 5 blunts Back to Back I was Fucked up but don't get me Wrong I could still Focus.  . Me and Mimi exchanged Numbers and then  Headed back to the dance Floor. 

Next thing you know Me and mimi was dancing all up on each other. I knew she wanted me.   

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