Chapter 2

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Herobrine's P.O.V.

Electricity crackled across my palms and I paced up and down the dark corridors of my nether castle, fuming.

"My son is still alive?!" I roared glaring at Edge. He was an enderchild. Half enderman half human. One of his eyes was purple while the other was an electric orange.

He cowered in fear before me, pressing himself against the dark nether brick wall. "Sir, I've never seen you this mad. It's frightening me."

"Is my son alive?" I demanded again

"Y-yes sir." He stuttered "he was attacked last night, and he killed a man."

My expression softened for a moment, worry clouding my emotions. "Was he hurt?"

"Yes sir. An arrow wound to the arm." He replied quietly

My mouth formed into a thin line as I tried to hold back threatening tears. "How do you know that it was Damian?"

"It was his eyes sir. When that man attacked him, they changed from forest green to glowing white. Like yours sir." I motioned for him to continue "He also has powers sir, but he can't control them."

I tilted my head. "What do mean by powers Edge?"

"He can control lightning sir. Just like you."

My mind raced. My son was still alive. "Then it must be true." I murmured "What does he look like now?" I asked, trying to recall the fleeting memories of my son.

"He looks well." Edge replied "His hair is unkept and he looked as though he hadn't slept for days. I don't know why he is on his own. It killed me to see him get wounded and I couldn't intercept."

Rage coursed through me once again and I balled up my fist and slammed it into the nearest thing that ever so happened to be an innocent hallway table. It splintered beneath my hand and photographs scattered across the floor. Edge flinched away.

"Steve lied to me!" I bellowed

Your brother sir?" He asked with a tilt of his head

"Yes my brother! How many other Steves do you know?"

"None. I'm sorry sir." He replied, eyes downcast.

I immediately felt bad. I walked forward and gently placed my hand on his shoulder. "No, I'm sorry. I overreacted." He peered up at me, relief flooding into his eyes. "It was long ago. Ten years ago to be exact. Damian was only five. Steve, Notch, and some other locals attacked my castle and killed my son before my eyes. Now that I look back, I don't remember any particular details about Damian dying. I only remember that he did." I leaned over and gently picked a photograph off of the ground. I looked at it and smiled softly. It was a photo of myself, Damian, and Edge in the Over-world. "But I think there was a sorcerer helping them attack. His name was Seto." I said, my voice a growl now. "Traitor." I hissed under my breath 

"That's terrible sir."

"I know." I replied "That's why we have to get him back."

"Sir!" he exclaimed "That would be nearly impossible! King Deadlox already has already has made him an outcast and put a high price on his head. All kinds of trackers and knights are already after him."

"I am well aware of this Edge. That is why we are leaving right now. Ready my horse. We are going on the road to revenge."

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