Chapter 4

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"Make room ladies we got us a new diva today." Breaunna said with Bahja and Zonnique behind her, as she sat down at the lunch table.

Bahja cautiously sat her plate down, looking at the women who were staring at her. They didn't look as rough as the women on the yard but they didn't look like they should be taken lightly either, "Hi, I'm Bahja."

"Hi, Bahja," they all said in unison as if this were some kind of addict meeting.

"What did you do little girl?" A black haired dark skinned girl asked.

"I-I didn't do anything. I'm innocent."

"Aren't we all?" A orange haired girl added.

"We believe her," Zonnique said smiling at Bahja as Breaunna gave her a quick hug.

"Y'all would believe ANYTHING," a brown haired said. "Maybe we should tell Bahja what we did so she can feel comfortable sharing. My name is Willow Smith. I'm here for prostution I'm serving a 3 year term, 1 down 2 to go.

"Ok," a big curly hair woman said as she flicked her long curls hair out her face, "My name is Cymphonique Miller and I'm from Paris."

Willow rolled her eyes, "Since when has Paris been in Atlanta Cymphonique? You've probably never even been to Pa-"

Cymphonique placed her hand in front of Willow face cutting her off before she said anything else, "Look, bitch no one cut into your story so don't cut into mine. Now as I was saying Bahja," Cymphonique said directing her attention back to Bahja, "I was charged with armed robbery, been here a year, 4 more to go. If you're Zonnique and Breaunna's roommate, Willow and I are your neighbors, we share the bathroom with you three."

"Hi, my name is Reginae Carter ," Reginae said reaching out to shake Bahja's hand. , "Felony possession of cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, LSD, marijuana, speed, morphine, ecstasy, the date rape drug, and some of that stuff that killed Michael Jackson with intent to distribute."

"Wow," Bahja said with a total look of shock on her face.

"It wasn't mine though," Reginae continued, "It was my ex boyfriend D'Wayne. He had 2 strikes already and if he was tagged for this he would have went to jail for life so I took the fall. I got 5 years, I've served 2 already."

"So you sacrificed five years of your life for a guy?" Bahja asked.

"Yes and I wish I didn't. He told me I would probably get a year if that long. The bastard dumped me as soon as I was sent here."

"My name is Zendaya," said the black haired girl, "What do you think I did?"

"I don't know," Bahja shrugged, "maybe killed and/or assaulted someone?"

Zendaya shook her head and laughed, "Neither, tax evasion. 7 years, 3 and a half down, 3 and a half more to go."

Bahja looked from Zendaya to the orange haired girl next to her, "Well if all she did was tax evasion, what did you do?"

"I went on a mass killing spree. In the media, they call me the Queen of Harts because I stabbed my victim one time only and in one place only, the heart. I'm Bella Thorne...and I'm on death row baby!" She sounded very proud.

"And you?" Bahja said looking at the pregnant African American girl.

"I didn't do anything," she said as she shook her head, "wrong place, wrong time. I found a gun lying in an alley; I picked it up, kept walking and found this homeless man's body. I checked to see if the guy was okay and got his blood all over my hands. By the time I turned around there were two officers behind me with guns pointed in my face. I've only been here 6 months of my 12 year sentence."

"Oh my God," Bahja gasped, "You're just like me then."

Coco shook her head, "Not necessarily, I was homeless Bahja. At first I felt the way you do but then I realized that for the first time in 5 years I have a place to lay my head and 3 meals a day. My Mom died when I was born and my father gave me up. I didn't have a family but now," she said looking around the table, "I do."

"Aww Coco," Reginae said fanning her face to keep her tears in, "Don't make us cry."

"Who booked you?"Zendaya asked

"Officer Latimore."

"Did you say officer Latimore?" Breaunna asked, "He doesn't usually do booking."

"Yeah?" Bahja replied.

"So Langston didn't book you?" Bella asked.

"Who is Langston?" Bahja asked. She recalled Issa calling that name earlier.

"Thank God!"Cymphonique sighed, "He's the Warden. Complete dick."

"Wow, she may actually make it safely through the night." Zendaya said.

"What? What's going on?" Bahja asked now getting suspicious.

"I don't understand what Langston not booking her means..." Reginae asked as she played with a French fry.

"Duh Reginae,"Coco said rolling her eyes at her roommate, "If Langston didn't book her, Langston doesn't know she's here and he doesn't walk the halls so he'll probably never see her."

"I'm getting really scared here guys."

"What are y'all singing praises to the sky for?" Willow said getting up to throw her plate away, "If it doesn't happen tonight it's going to happen eventually."

"But it won't happen tonight." Breaunna said firmly while Zonnique glared at Willow.

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