Chapter 1

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"And if tomorrow never comes
We had last night..."

As the final beats of the song play through my headphones, I press the lock button of my iPod. After hearing the satisfying click to signify that it has successfully locked, I take my headphones out and wrap them around my much loved iPod, placing it in my bag.

"Have you got the present?" My dad asks, his hands on the car's clutch ready to drive away.

"Yes," I reply with a smile, holding up the large parcel and wiggling it near his face. 

"Oi!" He jokingly says, swatting the box away. "I'll be here to pick you up at 9, yes?"

"Perfect, thank you!" I say as I lean across the car to kiss him on the cheek. As I open the door to leave, I can't help but feel so guilty for always depending on him for lifts, but as I'm only 16 I can't yet drive and so don't really have any other choice apart from walk - of which my dad would never agree to.

As I shut the door to the car, I hear my dad shout "Stay safe!". This makes me smile yet again; my dad is so overprotective. As I walk over to the train station platform, I can just about make out the silouhettes of my three best friends. One tall, slim figure with beautifully long hair raises her arm to a wave, and before long I hear 6 feet running towards me.

"Alice!" I hear in unison, as they envelope me into a huge group hug.

"Watch it, you nearly made me drop Grace's prezzie here!" I say, waving the gift above our heads to protect it.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry! I'm just so happy to see you!" Lacey says, being the first to break away from the hug. She was the tall figure I first saw in the distance, though up close she is just about the same height as me. Lacey has long, wavy ginger hair, that she has styled down under a black bowlers hat for this evening. Along with the ginger hair, she has the stereotypical fair skin, but she is beautiful with it. I notice her lovely dress, and make a mental note to ask where she got it from later. It's a grey dress, just above the knee matched with a leather jacket, black tights and cute black boots.

"Me too, me too!" Mary squeals from next to me. Mary is my bestest friend of them all. We have known eachother for about 13 years now, and know eachother inside and out. Her green eyes sparkle and crinkle at the sides as she gives me one of her infamous grins, baring the only straight teeth out of our group that hasn't needed braces to make them so. Her short brown hair is curled this evening, which shows off her shoulder cut top with a denim skater skirt and black tights. In true Mary-style, she is sporting her black converse (of which I'm convinced she never removes), and her outfit is gorgeous. I give her arm a squeeze before handing Grace her birthday gift.

Grace, the final of our group, is the shortest of all of us. She has blonde curls that cascade down to her shoulders, and is wearing a lovely birthday dress. "Thank you, Alice!" She smiles, accepting the gift excitedly before placing it amongst the three others in her bag.

I am Alice. I have medium length brown hair, that is naturally curly. I usually straighten it, as I have done tonight. I am wearing a navy dress with aztec print on it, black tights, a black blazer and my black converse. All of this, accompanied by my little black bag, makes up my outfit for Grace's birthday meal.

All four of us chat and giggle excitedly as we walk towards the platform, though we don't know just how exciting our night is due to get..

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