Chapter Two: Jamie and Phil

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Jamie's P.O.V


  "Yo' Jamie! It's Phil, answer the darn phone dude!" Phil's message plays again. I pick up the phone and call him again. "Hello my lovely banana!" ,His voice surprises me from the other side. "Hey Lion!" I reply. "So, my dad beat mom again..." Yeah, my dad beats my mom and my mom beats me. I have no clue what happened to this family. "Oh banana..." his voice always calms me down. No, were not dating! He's my best friend. "Well, my mom and dad are still dead? Oh, and my sister's boy friend almost killed her." His sister, Pheobe has a boyfriend, named Darren who beats her. Yep, Life sucks. "Is she okay!?" I ask. Phe is the mother I never had. "Yeah, she just broke her arm and her left kidney was burst." Oh. "Ow, that must hurt. Okay, I am not the best comferter." I say. "Is that even a word!?!?!?" Phil complains from the phone. Okay, there's the grammar freak I know. "Erm... Maybe? Okay it's not a word!" I shouted. "Well, I have to go, seeing as it's almost one in the morning. "Shit! Bye Lion!" I quickly hang up the phone before sneakily claiming into bed.


Phil's P.O.V


   As Jamie hangs up, I climb into my bed. I hear the basement door slam shut, knowing it's Darren going down there I ignore it. Neither me or Pheebs know what he does down there. Somewhere in the middle of thinking about what he could be doing down there I fall asleep.

       Bang! I hear a lot of voices downstairs. I rush down the stairs to see Darren being dragged out the door, and a police man going into the basement. "Um sir, what's going on?" I ask a police officer. "Darren Garvin is being charged for abuse and kidnapping of, Pheobe Lester, and Carrie and Gemma Fletcher," he replied. Wait, What!? Carrie and Gemma were kidnapped AND abused!? Me and Jamie also bullied them!? Well, maybe they can help bully Danielle. "Sir. we have to take you in for questioning okay?" another officer asked. "Okay," I say. "Well, you'll be riding with the Sheriff." He says, and points outside to a car.

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