Chapter 14- Day in the office

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I awoke with the mother of all headaches. Apparently I had fallen asleep with my head jammed between my matress and the wall, and now I was paying the price. I let out a low groan, and sat up.

Gen was sitting up on her matress next to me, and she looked how I felt. Like death.

After about 10 minutes of staring at nothingness, complaining, and groaning, we managed to get ourselves up. Today was a particularly hot day already, so we both just dressed in shorts and vest tops. I felt gross having not had a shower, but judging by the state of the house, I assumed they didn't have one.

When we walked into the main living area, Linda and the man from last night were already there engaged in deep conversation.

"Morning ladies!" Linda said, too chirpily for the morning.

"Morning." We groaned back.

The man who was looking in our bags smirked at us, and I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster. Cheeky bastard, going through our bags.

"Girls, have you met my husband?"

"Actually yes, when he was going through our bags last night and we walked in on him." Gen sassed. I liked that she spoke her mind, and I had to try so hard to supress a laugh at her crankiness.

"Well, girls, this is my husband Peter. Peter, this is Gen and Kassy." She motioned to each of us as she said our names.

What? Why wasn't she going mental at him for going through our stuff? Gen and I shared an immensely confused look.

"Aren't you annoyed at him for going through our things?" I asked.

"No. Why should I?"

"Because it is just plain rude!"I began to raise my voice.

Linda scoffed.

"I can see why they're on this project, Peter. Plain ungrateful for our hospitality and they have barely made it through a day. Unbelieveable."

We weren't being rude! We were stating the truth: It's rude to go through people's things without their consent.

"Well, you'll be going to work today. Kian will be showing you the way."

Kian miraculously appeared at the doorway looking solemn.


Kian took us to a large warehouse, that looked kind of abandoned.

"Kian, where are we?" Gen asked.

"I can't say. I'm so sorry, I really am. I'll do everything I can to stop them."

I didn't understand any of what was cracking off. I was, quite frankly, sick and tired of nobody telling me anything. I have this fear of not knowing so, as you can imagine, this was practically eating me alive.

In the warehouse, there was a van with about three people sitting in the back, and a guy leaning against it in a leather jacket.

There was something very shifty, and very illegal going on here.

"These the ones, Ki?"


We were shoved into the back of the van, and the doors shut behind us.

"Hi, I'm Darius."

"Felicity, call me Fliss."


"I'm Gen, and this is Kassy. What is all this?"

"Girls, welcome to the slave trade."

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