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Silence, this was something the young feline Meulin Leijon had now been accustomed to for some time now. She had been deafened, sadly, by her old matespirit Kurloz Makara a memory that earlier she couldn't stand to remember. Normally the sound of his name and the memory would have brought her to tears, but not any longer. She had finally been able to cope with the circumstances, the fact that she wont be able to hear again and she won't ever get him back again. Yes the thought was still pretty sad, but she didn't feel like crying anymore. She's wasted all her tears and for what? It wasn't going to bring anything back to normal, she was to be the lonely match maker for the remainder of her life. So, like her moirail Horuss had told her, she must stand up tall like a powerful and independent lioness and be strong! He knew what he was talking about, she always trusted him, for he himself had some hard ships with quadrants too.

The young adult troll giggled out of the blue, she had been hiding in a bush somewhere near a forest hunting a small hop beast nearby. She had started to get into the swing of hunting once more, and shipping was starting to become fun again. Her blank white eyes held excitement and fierce persistence, something all Leijons were said to have when they were hunting for food. Her claws had been sharpened and were aching to rip apart the flesh of any creature that came her way, and this unlucky rabbit was that very creature. It's little nose wiggled and sniffed, it knew danger was near but due to her amazing hiding skills he did not know where he was going to be striked. Meulin glanced around, saw nothing in her way and pounced out of the bushes, letting out a ferocious, or what she thought to be ferocious, roar. Which of course sounded like a playful 'Rawr!'. The rabbit attempted to flee, but Meulin was much faster then it.

Meulin rolled around in the grass for a while and took a hold of the small creature, over powering it quickly. She had the small hop beast in her hands, it squirmed and squealed as her claws dug into its flesh, it had brown blood that dripped down it's fur, blood that reminded her of Rufioh's blood color. She giggled once more, she knew if he found out she was doing this to a poor creature he would become angry, after all he did have a special connection with animals. Shaking her head from the Nitram she turned her attention back to the important thing. The rabbit had stopped it's squirming she dropped it from her clutches and it fell to the floor, a slight 'splat' following it. She glanced down to it for a quick moment and knelt down grabbing it with her mouth. It was something  that she couldn't really help, that was just plain instinct. When she had the beast hanging from her mouth she stood. The blood was all over her claws and her sharp fangs, making her appear more menacing then she usually looked like, which was about as menacing as a mouse. "Purrfect~" she purred out, the r's being stretched out like usual. 

The feline began to walk, every now and then she would swing her head side to side sensing many vibrations from the Beforus wild life. This is how she got around now, she found it amazing how her senses had been even more heightened, she felt like a true meow beast, just like her lusus. All the while she was filled with excitement she seemed... cautious. As she continued on her merry way through a path she herself made from hunting here in the past. She sniffed, and then sniffed again, sniffed until she could smell a familiar scent. It made her smile, and a small olive tint came to her cheeks. She hadn't realized that this tint had appeared on her facial features since she continued on her marry way. Before she knew it she was leaving the dead hop beast on the foot of someones door. She gave a quick knock, fleeing before she jumped into near by bushes, her favorite of hiding places. She covered her mouth, if she didn't she would surely let out a loud giggle that would give away her position. Her blue tail swished as the door opened, and out stepped a familiar seadweller. 

White eyes scanned the scenery before him, a puzzled look had creeped onto the trolls face as he did this. 'What on Beforus is that SMELL?' was all clouded his mind as he took in the stench of rotting flesh and death. He coughed and took out the cigarette that always graced his mouth, placing a hand over his nose. He looked down and took a startled step back, it wasn't everyday a dead rabbit was placed on your porch now was it? Meulin watched the scene unfold before him, her normal kitty grin appearing on her face as she was filled with even more excitement. She could barely contain her self as she squealed and hide even more into the bushes, hoping she would not have been spotted by the troll. Cronus sighed as she closed his eyes, one of his eyebrows twitching in annoyance to the mess that was made on his face. There was only one person who would leave an... interesting present.


The seadweller frowned and dropped his cigarette on the floor, stomping on it as he walked out from his door a bit more, shutting the door to his hive behind him. Meulin knew he was going to know it was her, after all it was known that the feline would leave dead things for her friends. Little did they know every Leijon did this. It was a sign of their affection, a symbol in which they used to show they enjoyed a trolls company. Cronus made his way away from his hive, stepping over the lovely present which now stained the floor of his beautiful, or once beautiful, hive. He scanned the place with his keen eye, an eyebrow cocked upwards as he did this. He was determined to find the feline, just to ask her why she did this anyways. Meulin was sure that she had hid herself well, she was so sure that she completely forgot to bring her tail in with her to the hiding place. Cronus was about to give up when he spotted the bright blue tail from the corner of his eyes.

It was the same shade as Horuss's blood color, iconic to her already cute outfit she wore everyday. Cronus smirked at the sight of his pay back, he knew what he was going to do to get her and he was sure he'd get a kick out of it. Sneaking over, he kept his eyes on his prize and reached out. Meulin was none the wiser, her tail simply flicked back and forth as she waited for a perfect time to sneak out and greet the seadweller. 'Maybe I can break the ice with a fish pun... does he like those?' Meulin pondered, she had recently taking a fondness to the seadweller. Even though in the past they were always at war with each other, fishes and cats don't mix, she seemed like he wasn't what he made himself out to be. The time where she was crying for Kurloz, he was genuinely kind and showed true concern for her feelings and sanity. It was.... nice from his usual douche bag act. 

"Aha, gotcha kitty cat~" Cronus mused as he took a hold of the trolls fluffy tail, holding onto it as if it was a snake about to attack and constrict him. This was followed by a hiss from Meulin and she whipped around, sheathing her claws and aiming for his face believing him to be an enemy. Luckily Cronus had a quick hand and eye and grabbed her wrist before she dug any claw into his skin. "Whoa there kitty cat, wouldn't want to hurt this face now would ya?" he smirked in amusement to see the surprise and blush on her face. She pulled away, rubbing her wrist in a shy manner before looking down at the ground "O-oh, hello Cronus." she stated clearing her throat and swishing her tail back and forth. She hoped he couldn't notice her shyness, for it was pretty annoying to herself really.

He chuckled and slid his hands back into his pockets as she rubbed her own wrist. "Sorry doll, did I grab too hard?" was all he asked looking down to the trolls wrists as he did. She shook her head, the olive tint to her cheeks became bigger by the minute. Dammit, why did he have to start to act like such a gentlemen now? She was begining to feel something strange boil up inside her, something different yet oh so familiar. "Did you--" "See your present? Ye, it's.... lovely." Cronus looked back to the corpse which had been dragged away by some other animal, not that it mattered much anyways but it still upset him. "Oh, well, yea I saw it." he shrugged with a laugh. This made her smile, oh how she wished he would use that geniuine smile more often other then the cocky one.

"Well, mew're welcome!" Meulin stated with a nod, her lucious hair bouncing a bit as she moved her head. Cronus couldn't help but rub the back of his head, a slight murrmurr came from his mouth as he began to speak once more. "Uh, say Meulin, wanna.... chill at my hive for a bit? Maybe we can listen to some of my records." Meulin felt her tail and body practially perk up at the sound of this. She noted that change, however, and quickly tried to make herself seem disinterested. "Psh, well, since I have nothing to do.... sure, I supurrse~" she stated, the purr coming from her throat naturally and easily. Cronus shrugged, also trying to seem disinterested himself.

"Well, after you kitty cat."

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