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"Adam! I'm tired of you getting into fights, you're like my brother! " Angie said. Wiping my blood, from my face. I could almost see tears coming down from her face. " Why are you crying, I mean I'm alright." I replied. She looked up, and said "You don't understand... ""Adam Maxwell please report to the principal office! " screaming over the loud speaker. A nervous ache began to rumble my stomach. I looked up at Angie, " you know I have to leave right?" I said."Yeah I know, I just want you to stay for a little while. "she replied. I got up, and left because I didn't want it to get to emotional. "Yes,Mr. Winston I'm here to get in trouble, but if I am he better be too." I whispered,walking into his room with an anxiety, raising his voice he said "SIT!" I sat down, and listened to him lecturing me."look son, you're a great kid with potential ,but you have to understand fighting and arguing doesn't solve anything. Especially , when you're a child of many problems." He said. I kind of felt offended,but I didn't have a tantrum. Cause it was true,I just kept looking at him with digust,because I wanted him to stop talking to me. "Look I honestly didn't mean to do what I did ,but it already happened so..."I said. He stared at me for about three minutes,and then started telling me about this girl named Christopher and how we're similar.I doubt it though,but I listened because that's all I could do."Look son, I want you to visit her one of these days." He gave me her address, it seems that she was a student here, who was in a plane crash on her senior trip. That's suck for her, I wouldn't want that to happen to me.He went on and on, how her two parents died if similar causes. But she was forced to live with her uncle and step aunt. That's when I interrupted, "The difference between me and her is that ,she have other family to go to I don't." I whispered to him. I walked out,with her address crumbled up in my hand, I wanted to throw it away but I couldnt. I figured why not let someone talk to me ,that can actually relate.

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