After arriving at the home depot all of us decided to go inside together. Nate, Harry and Niall are going to ask about hiring people to instrall a gate for the parking garage. Me, Louis and Bryce are going to ask about having two floors installed the ware house. Nate, Harry and Liam are asking about getting a gate installed for the parking garage. Niall and Zayn are in the electrical area seeing about getting the places electrical stuff redone.

As me, Louis and Bryce walk up to customer service we are greeted by a lady that is probably in her sixties smiling at us. "Hello there youngsters how can i help y'all out today?" She smiles asking us with a cute southern accent.

"Well you see we have this warehouse and it is probably about thirty five to fourty feet high and right now it is set up as just one story, but we want to put in two more floors in side of it." Louis says confusingly.

"So you want two floors added to the inside of your warehouse?" The lady whos name tag says Mary.

"Yes." Louis chuckles at her easy wording of what he just said.

"Okay, when do you want people to come out and install everything?" She asks.

"As soon as possible." He smiles at Mary.

"Okay we can have some people come out tomorrow but it will cost an arm and a leg." She chuckles.

"Okay, just a minute." Louis says turning around and looking at me. "While i pay and stuff why don't you and Bryce go look around and find the others." He says in a quiet tone.

"Okay." I smile at him as I grab Byce's arm and drag him around until a couple minutes later when we  find Zayn and Niall paying some guy.

Niall turns around a notices me and Bryce. "Hey! We got a guy he is coming out around five today to install all new wiring and elecricity and we will have a back up generator that can last up to a week when fully charged." Niall smiles at me proud.

"Awesome! We have some people coming out tomorrow to install all the the two floors and walls i think. But from there i think we can handle everything, Oh but we might want someone to redo the plumbing too for the place." I say looking up at Niall.

"Don't worry i know a guy we is coming out in a couple days before the walls get closed up to install new piping threw out the place." He smiles again very proud of himself.

"Awesome let's go find the rest of the guys, Louis should be done paying and stuff for everything and so should the others." I say as i lead the guys to some place i was hoping was were we would find Harry, Nate and Liam.

Luckily after a couple minutes we found them all together with Louis in the garage door section about to leave, when Louis see's me he send me a smile before walking over and putting his arm around me.

"Got everything worked out?" I ask him.

"Yep, we should be able to move in, in about a month. But until then a friend of mine is letting us stay at his house. And missy you need to get back in to school." Louis smirks at me.

"Hey you need to also." I glare at him.

"Well actually i'm 18 and already have all the needed credits to graduate and just a wild guess but do you have the needed credits." He smirks at me.

"No ,  bu-" I am cut off.

"No but's you are going back to school." Louis says deviously.

"Fine but how will i finish school and run my gang." I wine.

"Hey you got me to help you and there is only two month left of school for you then you will be done with school forever unless you want to go to collage." He shrugs.

"Can't i just be home schooled?" I ask him as we walk out to the car.

"No you need to make some friends." He says back. "And plus you have Bryce and the other guys will be going back to school, i just need to be done with school so i can make sure evrything get's done with the ware house that needs to be done." He reassures me.

"Whatever you say." I roll my eyes.

"Hey don't worry everything will work out just trust me." Louis says as we get in to the car and head back to the ware house.

Where one month of hell will begin...


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