Chapter 3

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Life After Death,

Chapter Three,August,
I was looking at a picture that was on my dresser it was of a girl, she had brown curly hair and sea green eyes she was human in this photo.
I couldn't help but wonder who she was. Then someone came bursting into my room. They said "August? You a-...., oh your awake." She paused, "I'm your sister, Margo."

I replied,"but your a girl."

She just gave me the evil eye and then changed the subject,"so August what do you like to do for fun?"

I replied cautiously, wile I was fiddling with the picture,"um I like to do sports."

Her attention was already onto the next thing,"who's that? And where did that come from?"

I paused,"I don't know exactly I just kind of found it here, I was actually hoping you knew because she kind of reminds me of some one but I can't figure out who."
I sighed,

Margo looked shocked,"I." She paused, "I don't know who she is sorry but maybe mom or dad does."

Then she took off without another word and the room fell silent again.

So I decided I had sat in silence long enough and it was time to explore the house and meet the people who lived here. So I exited my room and started down the hall towards the stairs when I got to the bottom of the stairs a man launched himself off the railing and then flew to the spot next to me then he said,"it's way more fun when you fly. Um I'm your dad, but if you want you can call me Mikel."
I responded,"um I'm kind of use to walking thanks."

He sighed,"suet your self." And then he walked away and I started towards what smelled like the kitchen. As it turns out it is the kitchen and who I assume is my mom is cooking beef stew.

I said softly,"hi, I'm August and you are?"

"I'm your mom, but you can call me Flora." She said with a smile,

I said softy,"can I help?"

Flora answered,"ya sure." With a big grin on her face,

So I went and sliced and diced some stuff to put in the stew. Then Margo and Mikel walked in and started to set the table. Then the stew was done, Margo and I served it. Dinner was filled with stories and laughter it was definitely a good day.


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