Chapter 1

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Okay I have never written a book before but my Drama teacher says I should work on getting in to character better. Let me know what you think!


Chapter 1


"Get out of my house Olls!" I yelled hitting him in the stomach. I knew it wouldn't actually hurt him.

"Aww don't be mean babe! You love me really!" Ollie said snaking his arms round my waist.

"Just because your my best friend, it doesn't mean that you can come and steal my brownies! Please get a life... or your own brownies!" I hit him again. He laughed at my attempt to hurt him. I guess all the swimming does have a few benefits for him, like the fact that he has impossibly good abs.

"I promise I will make you some more brownies baby! Please just one more?" He pouted at me, looking up from under his ridiculously long eyelashes. Why couldn't my eye lashes look like that?

"Aww okay then." Ollie knew that he had won the fight for now.

Ollie is my best friend. We met 6 years ago when I move to Cali. I was a cute little nine year old with long brown hair, and as Ollie was already 5ft 6, I seemed tiny. I remember coming home from school crying, and when my mom asked what was wrong I said "Mommy the hot boy that I sit next to in class says that the tooth fairy and Santa claus aren't real!" My mom had laughed at me and said that she wanted to meet him. Then when I found out that he lived on the next block, mom and Mrs Willis got talking, and we soon became best friends.

Ollie and me are total opposites. I am a fairly quite girl and 5ft 7.Ollie is a loud and out going boy, and he is crazy tall, like 6ft 5. Ollie is really sporty- he is the best swimmer for his age in California- but quite smart too. I am very academic, but pretty good at drama. Despite the fact that he was my best friend I have to admit that his abs are pretty damn amazing. While I am slender and good at sport, I have curves but mostly in the right places. Our love of drama, movies and music are just about the only things we have in common.

"Are you staying tonight Olls?" I know it is probably odd, but Ollie stays most nights, unless I am staying at his. I guess our parents are pretty cool about that sort of thing. We very rarely have to put up with the 'Responsibility' talks that some Moms force on their poor kids. My mom knows its not like that. For him any way.

I know him better than anyone else does. Hell, I probably know him better than he know him self. And he knows me like that too. 'Like that back of my own hand' Ollie once said. He is like the older brother that I never had, except slightly less protective and a lot more sexual. He thinks he sees everything about me. So why doesn't he see that I actually love him, in a stronger way than just friends.

"Meh, probs megimoo" he said in reply to my question.

I groaned. "I thought I said to stop calling me that Ollie!"

"Ooops, someone's on their period!' Ollie joked. " Now shut up and make me some food Meg!"

"Yes I am actually so shut up! And make your own food- It's not like you haven't eaten today!" I said turning away and waiting for him to come and make up.

"Aww sorry baby! Can we go out? Drinks on me?" he said, trying to make it up, as predicted.

"Okay then," I said, turning to kiss his cheek. Not in that way. We are just friends." I think it's my go to drive today. Do you want me to drop you at swimming?"

"Yes it is and yes please drop me off, if you don't mind. Lets go to that milkshake place!"

Without waiting for my response, he slung me over his shoulder- ignoring my protests as per usual- and carried me to my car.


Okay so this is just showing a bit of Meg and Ollie's relationship. Tell me what you think of it!

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