Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

Charlottes POV:

The nurse knocked over multiple bottles and supplies from the counter. If she is that clumsy of a person, how could she be a good nurse? Hayes stifles back a laugh as the nurse tries to push herself back up. I flash him a glare before I walk over to help her up.

She begins pulling needles and pointy things from drawers and all this scary shit. I mean I really do love Hayes, and I would normally say that I would gladly take his place if he ever got hurt, but there is no way in hell that I would let anyone stab me with that crap. Sorry Hayes.

As she is cleaning up his foot, she starts pestering me with questions about my relation to Hayes and what exactly happened.

"She is just a friend of mine," Hayes explains.

Well that stings.

She then proceeded to try to kick me out of the room because I'm not family and claimed that it was against the rules for anyone besides family to be with a patient. Hayes started arguing with the nurse how that rule is stupid and began to cause just an itty-bitty scene. Then Nila showed up with Nash and Will. Then, since family was there, I was completely kicked out. So now, I'm stuck out in the hospital hallway in a very hard chair.

I hate hospitals.

They have that freakishly sterile smell to them and they feel so just.... ughhhhh I hate them.

My phone starts vibrating and I see that I have two missed calls...

From my aunt...

Shit... If you don't pick up on the first ring she gets mad, but not picking up at all...

God I'm going to be dead.

I slide past the notification and call back my aunt.

I am only yelled at a little bit, which takes me by surprise.

Stretchers roll past with bodies covered in white sheets. People run back and forth yelling things as each other and direct people this way and that.

A young woman rolls past in a wheelchair. There is blood caked all over her face and her lower limbs are twisted. She is moaning about something but her voice is to soft and broken to be understood.

The doctor pushing the wheelchair looks very familiar. I recognize him for some reason, but I just can't put a name on his face. I've never seen him before but some of the features on his face are so striking. He is so familiar... Why? As he walks past, he stares at me and quickens his pace. After each couple of steps, he looks back at me. Who is he? I swear I know him!

Seeing all the injured people starts me thinking about my mom. How did she end up hitting a tree? Did someone make her crash? Was anyone else in the accident? Was she in a lot of pain before... Before... Stop Charlotte. Just stop. The more you think about her the more it will hurt.

She is dead. She is gone.

I can't wrap my head around it. It doesn't feel like she is dead. I don't feel different. I'm just confused. Deep down I know it is true but my mind just cannot accept it.

The nurse finally bursts back out the door and struts away. I should stay out in the hall, but regardless I sneak back into the room.

I see the dark string laced across Hayes foot. The gash runs up almost all of his foot.

Damn. I didn't realize how bad it was. His face is tight and I can tell he is in much pain, even though he is trying to hide it. I flash him a smile and his cheesy grin returns.

We only have to stay in the hospital for a couple more hours so Hayes can get shots. Nash, Hayes, and I spend all of our time trying to beat each other's candy crush scores. Nila is working on some paperwork for the hospital and Will left sometime during the whole sha-bang for who knows why.

(Future charlotte looking back)

Little did I know what was going on outside my little bubble. I was oblivious to what was hiding right beneath my feet. I thought my world was already twisted. I was so wrong. My "twisted life" was nothing but lies.

Authors Note: Sorry guys! It was spring break and I'm just soo lazy ugghhhhhhhgh

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