The Crossover Days

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After breakfast I walk to the creek by myself. But i’m not alone. If that makes sense. My ghost followed me and sat on a rock while I stood in the water. I only went in so it lies just below my knees.

“Is is cold?” The ghost asks looking down at the water. “It seems as cold as me…” She goes silent.

“It’s ok I guess refreshing on a hot day like this though.” I look at her. I see fear and emptiness. “Did you die here?”

“Maybe… that’s what I want to know. This creek scares me and it feels so cold.” She looks down at the water again and then to me. “You will help me right?”

“Yes! I will do everything I can to help you.” I meant it too. I mean it was freaky but if it stops her from visiting me and scaring my friends away then i’m in!

I didn’t hear her leave only felt the air warm up around me. Which was a very big hint.

I kicked the water and plopped down on the grass.  I wanted to help that poor little girl so bad but I just need to understand her.

I sat on the grass for like an hour or so. Alone with my thoughts. I was thinking about the ghost. But then I heard footsteps behind me. I turned my head and saw John. What a relief that was. I thought it was a kidnapper or somebody else. I look at him as he sits down next to me. I swear everytime I see him I fall more in love with him.

“Why you here all alone?” He asks as he puts his arm on my shoulders.

“Just needed to think.”

“About? Us???” I did think of that a bit and I think I finally decided on what I was going to do after camp.

“A little bit. But only a little. I think I have some answers but you might not like them.” He laughs.

“Tell me your idea’s.” I look him in the eyes but don’t lock our gaze.

“After camp I think we should get married then settle into a home and maybe have kids. I want it to be perfect.” I frown and look at the creek.

“Whatever you want is what I will deal with.” He looks at the creek and then takes my hand in his. “But if we stay together forever than that marriage sounds good.” I laugh and he laughs with me..

I think we stayed and talked about fifteen minutes before we left. We walked through the woods which was beautiful. But apparently not as beautiful as me. I watched the animals and their ways and the tree branches sway. I watched the flowers bloom. But not John his eyes were glued on me the whole time through it. I didn’t want to leave I wanted to stop and sit right there in the middle of it all. But I knew John wouldn’t enjoy the view of the woods.

He walked me to my cabin, kissed me good bye, and walked to his.

I walked inside and went straight into my room. The shades were shut making it dark in here but there was still some light. I looked around and found two sets of eyes on my bed. One glowing green and the other… red. I frown and walk over to the bed.

“What are you doing here again?” I ask as I grab Crusher. I rock him and scratch him behind the ear.

“Because I can’t be anywhere else. Alic’s dad found out what I did about you and he’s trying to kill me. He told me to stay away for a few days in order for me to live. But then I found out you were living with that one chick who tried to kill me?” He frowned and looked at me.

“Well how am I suppose to hide you? My boyfriend will be in here more than me and if he see’s you he’s gonna flip and probably dump me!” I frown at that thought and walk over to my lamp. I turn it on and Austin hisses.

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