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Why won't Meri talk to me. I've been constantly flirting her but all she does in roll her eyes and flip her hair. She seems like quite the sassy one. Everyone wants me. Ok. Now that sound kinda cocky but it's true. Most girls want to be with me while boys envy me.

"Ashton Irwin." Mr. McShawn shouted pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yes." I questioned.

"What is the technique when you use when cutting vegetables into little strips?" He questioned folding his arms over his chest.

"Um.." I stuttered.

"It's julienne you idiot." I heard Meri mutter.

"Julienne?" I responded to his question yet it sounded like a question.

"Pay more attention Irwin. I'm watching you." Mr. McShawn said turning his back to write more stuff on the board.

"I want all of you to copy what I've written." Sir said after 10 minutes of writing.

Ugh. I like food tech but I'm not the best at it. I wonder if Meri is. Umm.

"Irwin. Quit look me you freak." Meri muttered angrily looking me in the eye. Her eyes were beautiful. A dark brown that could stare into your soul.

"Can't help it you're beautiful." I winked.

"Ugh. You make me sick." Meri replied in disgust looking back at the board. Quickly scribbling the notes.

Wow. She really hates me. Jeez. By now all the girls would have given me their number and flirted back.

She quickly glanced up at Mr. McShawn to see whether he was in the room. Which he was. She let out a breath and removed her phone from her blazer.

She typed in her password. Great I know her password. I can remember that for later. She opened up messages and texted Derek Brown.

Why would she text Derek? I hate him with a passion. Me and him go way back. It was Year 7. {if you're American that's 6th Grade. I think. I don't know. Sorry}


Derek and I were best friends. We grew up together and we swore that we would never break. That was until Anna Daya joined.

Anna Daya was the most prettiest 12 year old I'd ever seen at the time.

Her beautiful blue eyes, her long blonde hair always tied in bunches and her smile. Her smile was the best. I really liked her.

Then Derek came and took my perfect 10 away. {little Vamps lyric there. Cheeky me}

It was Valentine's Day. The day of love. I had raced to school so that I could give Anna my Valentine's day card that I had spent all night on. I ran around the corner to see Derek hand her his valentine's card. Anna had taken the card blushing and then giving him a kiss on the cheek.

I was so angry. Anna was mine. I saw her first. Then "perfect" Derek Brown comes in and take my chance. That day I vowed that no matter what I would get revenge on him.

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